xmipp3.protocols.protocol_validate_overfitting module

class xmipp3.protocols.protocol_validate_overfitting.XmippProtValidateOverfitting(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: ProtReconstruct3D

Check how the resolution changes with the number of projections used for 3D reconstruction.

NOTE: Using the output plot, with the reconstruction of aligned gaussian noise, you can assess the validity of the reconstruction from your micrograph images. Practically, if the resolution of reconstruction based on your images is not considerably different from aligned gaussian noise one (for less number of particles),your images may not produce a valid reconstruction.

This method has been proposed by: B. Heymann “Validation of 3D EM Reconstructions”, 2015. (see References)

reconstructionStep(numberOfImages, fractionCounter, iteration, debugging, fnNewImgMd, particlesMd)[source]