xmipp3.protocols.protocol_resolution_bfactor module

class xmipp3.protocols.protocol_resolution_bfactor.XmippProtbfactorResolution(**args)[source]

Bases: ProtAnalysis3D

Given a local resolution map and an atomic model, this protocols provides the matching between the local resolution with the local bfactor per residue.


Read the input volume and check the file extension to convert to mrc is it is the case.


The local resolution map and the pdb are taken and analyzed to match the local resolution and bfactor per residue. The output will be a pdb file with the bfactor column substituted by the normalized local resolution. This is the (local resolution - fscResolution)/fscResolution.

mrc_convert(fileName, outputFileName)[source]

Check if the extension is .mrc, if not then uses xmipp to convert it