xmipp3.protocols.protocol_enrich module

class xmipp3.protocols.protocol_enrich.XmippProtEnrich(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: ProtProcessParticles

Method to get two volume from different classes (with different conformation) and correcting (deforming) all images of one of the volumes (input volume) with respect to the another one as a reference, using optical flow algorithm. The output is a setOfParticles contaied deformed reference particles.

opticalFlowAlignmentStep(inputVol, referenceVol, inputParticlesMd, fnOutput)[source]
volumeAlignmentStep(inputVol, referenceVol, inputPartsMD, fnInputToRefLocal, fnInPartsNewAng)[source]

The input vol is modified towards the reference vol first by a global alignment and then by a local one