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Developers Page

Welcome to the Scipion Developers Page!

On this page, you will find documentation about the Scipion architecture and how you can easily extend Scipion with new functionality. If you are completely new to the Scipion framework, we recommend that you start with our Introduction to Scipion Developers

General Information

Extending Scipion

Scipion can be ‘easily’ extended by Creating a Plugin to do a specific task or to introduce a new software package:

Development tools


Using git : Find the most used commands and practices using git in Scipion.

Development environment

Setup your Development Environment, we prefer Eclipse-IDE or PyCharm-IDE

Advanced development topics

The following link contains advanced development topics. The information provided is intended for developers working in our lab and developing the core of Scipion. Anyway, some general information is also found such as Profiling and Debugging.

Internal development tools and hints