xmipp3.protocols.protocol_generate_reprojections module

class xmipp3.protocols.protocol_generate_reprojections.XmippProtGenerateReprojections(**args)[source]

Bases: ProtAnalysis3D

Compares a set of classes or averages with the corresponding projections of a reference volume. The set of images must have a 3D angular assignment and the protocol computes the residues (the difference between the experimental images and the reprojections). The zscore of the mean and variance of the residues are computed. Large values of these scores may indicate outliers. The protocol also analyze the covariance matrix of the residual and computes the logarithm of its determinant [Cherian2013]. The extremes of this score (called zScoreResCov), that is values particularly low or high, may indicate outliers.

produceProjections(fnAngles, Ts)[source]