relion.protocols.protocol_multibody module

class relion.protocols.protocol_multibody.ProtRelionMultiBody(**args)[source]

Bases: pwem.protocols.protocol_3d.ProtAnalysis3D, relion.protocols.protocol_base.ProtRelionBase

Relion protocol for multi-body refinement.

This approach models flexible complexes as a user-defined number of rigid bodies that move independently from each other. Using separate focused refinements with iteratively improved partial signal subtraction, improved reconstructions are generated for each of the defined bodies.

Moreover, using PCA on the relative orientations of the bodies over all particle images in the data set, we generate movies that describe the most important motions in the data.


Create the input file in STAR format as expected by Relion. If the input particles comes from Relion, just link the file. Params:

particlesId: use this parameters just to force redo of convert if

the input particles are changed.