xmipptomo.protocols.protocol_resolution_local_monotomo module

class xmipptomo.protocols.protocol_resolution_local_monotomo.XmippProtMonoTomo(**args)[source]

Bases: pwem.protocols.protocol.EMProtocol, tomo.protocols.protocol_base.ProtTomoBase

Given a tomogram the protocol assigns local resolutions to each voxel of the tomogram. To do that, thje protocol makes use of two half tomograms, called odd and even. These tomograms are reconstructed with the same alignment parameter but using the half of the data. For instance, the odd/even-images of the tilt series, or much better usign the odd/even frames of the movies (recommended). The result is a tomogram with the values of local resolution.

This function takes the input tomograms and if their extension is not mrc,

then the function convert them into mrc format.


The histogram of local resolution values of the output tomogram is computed

createOutputPath(filename, tomId, ext)[source]

This function takes a filename as basis, and add the id as suffix and completes the path with an extension. Exmaple: filename = ‘tomogram_’ id = 5, ext = ‘.mrc’ the output will be tomogram_5.mrc


This function closes the generated output of the protocol


This function computes the maximum and minimum values of a tomogram given by an imageFile


This function degines the output of the protocol

resolutionMonoTomoStep(oddTomos, evenTomos, tomId)[source]

This function estimates the local resolution from the oddTomo and the evenTomo. The output is generated in pseudo streaming. It is not a full streaming due to the input is not updated during the execution.