xmipptomo.protocols.protocol_resize_tomograms module

class xmipptomo.protocols.protocol_resize_tomograms.XmippProtResizeTomograms(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: xmipptomo.protocols.protocol_crop_resize_base.XmippProtResizeBase

Protocol to to resize tomograms using xmipp_image_resize. The protocol allows to change the size of a tomogram/s by means of different methods

SUFIXRESIZE = '_resized.mrc'

This function defines the output of the protocol

outputTomoFileName(tomoSet, tomId)[source]
resizeTomograms(tomoSet, tomId)[source]

This function resize the tomograms by means of xmipp_image_resize. The output is create in pseudo-streaming. pseudo because the input is not open, but the output is updated during the execution of the protocol