relion.convert.convert30 module

class relion.convert.convert30.Reader(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: relion.convert.convert_base.ReaderBase

ALIGNMENT_LABELS = ['rlnOriginX', 'rlnOriginY', 'rlnOriginZ', 'rlnAngleRot', 'rlnAngleTilt', 'rlnAnglePsi']
readSetOfParticles(starFile, partsSet, **kwargs)[source]

Convert a star file into a set of particles.


starFile: the filename of the star file partsSet: output particles set

Keyword Arguments:

blockName: The name of the data block (default particles) alignType: removeDisabled:

setParticleTransform(particle, row)[source]

Set the transform values from the row.