pwem.protocols.protocol_pdf_report module

class pwem.protocols.protocol_pdf_report.ProtPDFReport(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: EMProtocol

Produce a pdf report from the files in a given directory. Supported file formats: *.tex, *.txt, *.jpg, *.png, *.pdf Files in the directory are sorted by name alphabetically, so if you want them to have the right order a possibility is to name them as 0010-myText.txt 0020-aFigure.png 0030-anotherFigure.jpg 0040-aPaper.pdf 0050-anotherText.tex … when these files are sorted, they will be sorted by the number in front.

classmethod validateInstallation()[source]

This function will be used to check if PDFto latex is available.