pwem.protocols.protocol_2d module

Protocol base classes related to 2D processing.

class pwem.protocols.protocol_2d.Prot2D(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: EMProtocol

class pwem.protocols.protocol_2d.ProtAlign2D(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: Prot2D

This class will serve as a base for all protocols that align a set of 2D images. All Align protocols receive as input: A set of particles and will allow the option to generate the aligned particles.

class pwem.protocols.protocol_2d.ProtAnalysis2D(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: Prot2D

class pwem.protocols.protocol_2d.ProtClassify2D(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: Prot2D

class pwem.protocols.protocol_2d.ProtCreateMask2D(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: Prot2D

For those protocols who create mask as output.

class pwem.protocols.protocol_2d.ProtEvenClassify2D[source]

Bases: object

This is a simple classification protocol for testing purposes. It will iterate over the images and assign each one to a different class.


This single step will do the fullish classification and create the output classes.