pwem.protocols.protocol_micrographs module

class pwem.protocols.protocol_micrographs.ProtCTFMicOutputs(value)[source]

Bases: Enum

An enumeration.

outputCTF = <class ''>
class pwem.protocols.protocol_micrographs.ProtCTFMicrographs(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: ProtMicrographs

Base class for all protocols that estimates the CTF


This function is shared by Xmipp and CTFfind estimation, or recalculate, protocols. if is recalculate, it will iterated for each CTF model, see if was recalculated and update with new defocus values. Else, the function that should be implemented in each subclass.

estimateCtfListStep(micNameList, *args)[source]
estimateCtfStep(micName, *args)[source]

Step function that will be common for all CTF protocols. It will take care of re-building the micrograph object from the micDict argument and perform any conversion if needed. Then, the function _estimateCTF will be called, that should be implemented by each CTF estimation protocol.


Return a copy of the global params dict, to avoid overwriting values.


This function get the acquisition info of the micrographs


CTF - re-estimation that is common for all programs. The _restimateCTF function will be called with proper parameters.

class pwem.protocols.protocol_micrographs.ProtMicrographs(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: EMProtocol

class pwem.protocols.protocol_micrographs.ProtPreprocessMicrographs(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: ProtMicrographs