dynamo.protocols.protocol_boxing module

class dynamo.protocols.protocol_boxing.DynamoBoxing(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: tomo.protocols.protocol_base.ProtTomoPicking

Manual vectorial picker from Dynamo. After choosing the Tomogram to be picked, the tomo slicer from Dynamo will be direclty loaded with all the models previously saved in the disk (if any). This picking will only save the “user points” defined in a set of models. It is possible to create several models at once in a given tomogram. Once the coordinates are defined, the models are automatically saved in the catalogue and registered.

Currently the following Dynamo models are supported:
  • Ellipsoidal Vesicle

OUTPUT_PREFIX = 'outputMeshes'

Base class for Tomogram boxing protocols.

modelChoices = ['Ellipsoidal Vesicle', 'Surface', 'General']
modelNames = {'Ellipsoidal Vesicle': 'ellipsoidalVesicle', 'General': 'general', 'Surface': 'surface'}