chimera.protocols.protocol_subtraction_maps module

class chimera.protocols.protocol_subtraction_maps.ChimeraSubtractionMaps(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: pwem.protocols.protocol.EMProtocol

Protocol to subtract two volumes. One of these volumes can be derived from an atomic structure. Execute command scipionwrite #n [prefix stringAddedToFilename] from command line in order to transfer the generated maps and models to scipion. In addition to maps and models that the protocol saves by default, the user can generate and save some others

CHIMERA_FILTERS = ['Gaussian', 'Fourier Transform']
MAP_OPTIONS = ['3D map', 'atomic structure']
PROTOCOL_OPTIONS = ['Subtraction', 'Mask']
classmethod getClassPackageName()[source]
symMethod(f, modelId, sym, order=None, range=None)[source]