pyworkflow.gui.project.utils module

class pyworkflow.gui.project.utils.LinuxHandler[source]

Bases: OSHandler, ABC

class pyworkflow.gui.project.utils.MacHandler[source]

Bases: OSHandler, ABC

class pyworkflow.gui.project.utils.OS[source]

Bases: object

static getPlatform()[source]
classmethod handler()[source]
class pyworkflow.gui.project.utils.OSHandler[source]

Bases: ABC

Abstract class: Handler for OS specific actions

class pyworkflow.gui.project.utils.WindowsHandler[source]

Bases: OSHandler, ABC

pyworkflow.gui.project.utils.getStatusColor(status=None, default='#ADD8E6')[source]
  • status status of the protocol

  • Returns the color associated with he status

  • ——-


Returns the color associated with the status.

pyworkflow.gui.project.utils.inspectObj(object, filename, prefix='', maxDeep=5, inspectDetail=2, memoryDict=None)[source]

Creates a .CSV file in the filename path with all its members and recursively with a certain maxDeep, if maxDeep=0 means no maxDeep (until all members are inspected).

inspectDetail can be:
  • 1: All attributes are shown

  • 2: All attributes are shown and iterable values are also inspected

prefix and memoryDict will be updated in the recursive entries:
  • prefix is a compound of the two first columns (DEEP and Tree)

  • memoryDict is a dictionary with the memory address and an identifier

pyworkflow.gui.project.utils.isAFinalProtocol(v, k)[source]