pyworkflow.gui.project.steps module

This modules hosts gui code to visualize steps

class pyworkflow.gui.project.steps.StepsTreeProvider(stepsList)[source]

Bases: TreeProvider

Create the tree elements for a Protocol run

static getObjectInfo(obj)[source]

This function will be called by the Tree with each object that will be inserted. A dictionary should be returned with the possible following entries: ‘key’: the key value to insert in the Tree ‘text’: text of the object to be displayed

(if not passed the ‘key’ will be used)

‘image’: image path to be displayed as icon (optional) ‘parent’: the object’s parent in which insert this object (optional) ‘tags’: list of tags names (optional)

static getObjectPreview(obj)[source]

Should return a tuple (img, desc), where img is the preview image and desc the description string.


Return the objects that will be inserted in the Tree

class pyworkflow.gui.project.steps.StepsWindow(title, parentWindow, protocol, **args)[source]

Bases: BrowserWindow

Create a Tk window. title: string to use as title for the windows. master: if not provided, the windows create will be the principal one weight: if true, the first col and row will be configured with weight=1 minsize: a minimum size for height and width icon: if not None, set the windows icon