pyworkflow.gui.project.searchrun module

This modules hosts code provider and window to search for a run

class pyworkflow.gui.project.searchrun.RunsTreeProvider(project, actionFunc)[source]

Bases: ProjectRunsTreeProvider

Provide runs info to populate tree inside viewprotocols. Is more advanced than ProjectRunsTreeProvider extended, extended with right click actions.


Return the list of options available for selection.


Return a list of tuples (key, action) were keys are the string options that will be display in the context menu and the actions are the functions to call when the specific action is selected. The first action in the list will be taken as the default one when the element is double-clicked.

class pyworkflow.gui.project.searchrun.SearchRunWindow(parentWindow, runsGraph, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: SearchBaseWindow

Create a Tk window. title: string to use as title for the windows. master: if not provided, the windows create will be the principal one weight: if true, the first col and row will be configured with weight=1 minsize: a minimum size for height and width icon: if not None, set the windows icon

columnConfig = {'#0': ('Id', {'width': 100, 'stretch': 0}, 10), 'Comment': ('Comment', {'width': 300, 'stretch': 0}, 5), 'Expanded': ('Expanded', {'width': 150, 'stretch': 0}, 5), 'Run': ('Run', {'width': 300, 'stretch': 1}, 10), 'State': ('State', {'width': 150, 'stretch': 0}, 5), 'Time': ('Time', {'width': 200, 'stretch': 0}, 5)}