pyworkflow.gui.project.searchprotocol module

This modules hosts code provider and window to search for a protocol

class pyworkflow.gui.project.searchprotocol.ProtocolTreeProvider(protocol)[source]

Bases: ObjectTreeProvider

Create the tree elements for a Protocol run

class pyworkflow.gui.project.searchprotocol.SearchProtocolWindow(parentWindow, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: SearchBaseWindow

Create a Tk window. title: string to use as title for the windows. master: if not provided, the windows create will be the principal one weight: if true, the first col and row will be configured with weight=1 minsize: a minimum size for height and width icon: if not None, set the windows icon

columnConfig = {'#0': ('Status', {'width': 50, 'minwidth': 50, 'stretch': 0}, 5), 'help': ('Help', {'minwidth': 300, 'stretch': 1}, 5), 'installed': ('Installation', {'width': 110, 'stretch': 0}, 5), 'protocol': ('Protocol', {'width': 300, 'stretch': 0}, 10), 'score': ('Score', {'width': 50, 'stretch': 0}, 5, <class 'int'>), 'streaming': ('Streamified', {'width': 100, 'stretch': 0}, 5)}