emantomo package

Module contents

class emantomo.Plugin[source]

Bases: pwem.Plugin

classmethod createEmanProcess(script='e2converter.py', args=None, direc='.')[source]

Open a new Process with all EMAN environment (python…etc) that will serve as an adaptor to use EMAN library

classmethod defineBinaries(env)[source]

Define required binaries in the given Environment.

classmethod getActiveVersion(home=None, versions=None)[source]

Return the version of the binaries that are currently active. In the current implementation it will be inferred from the *_HOME variable, so it should contain the version number in it.

classmethod getEmanActivation(version='2.91_211111')[source]
classmethod getEmanCommand(program, args, python=False)[source]
classmethod getEnviron()[source]

Setup the environment variables needed to launch Eman.

classmethod getProgram(program, python=False)[source]

Return the program binary that will be used.

classmethod isVersion(version='2.91_211111')[source]