pyworkflow.project.manager module

This modules handles the System management

class pyworkflow.project.manager.Manager(workspace=None)[source]

Bases: object

Manage all projects of a given workspace, for a given Domain. (i.e, listing projects, creating, deleting or querying info)


workspace: path to where the user’s workspace is. A subfolder named ‘projects’ is expected. If workspace is None, the workspace will be taken from the global configuration.

createProject(projectName, runsView=1, hostsConf=None, protocolsConf=None, location=None)[source]

Create a new project. confs dict can contains customs .conf files for: menus, protocols, or hosts


Return the project path given the name


Return True if exists a project with projectName

importProject(fromLocation, copyFiles=True, projectName=None, searchLocation=None)[source]

Import a project that is somewhere else in the FS Folder can be copied (default) or linked Optionally a name can be specified, otherwise name will match location folder name Project will always be created in the default project folder.


Return a list with all existing projects And some other project info If sortByData is True, recently modified projects will be first

loadProject(projId, **kwargs)[source]

Retrieve a project object, given its id.

renameProject(oldName, newName)[source]
class pyworkflow.project.manager.ProjectInfo(projName, mTime, cTime, path)[source]

Bases: object

Class to store some information about the project

At least it receives the Project Name and its modification time