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# * Unidad de  Bioinformatica of Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia , CSIC
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This modules handles the System management

import os

import pyworkflow as pw
import pyworkflow.utils as pwutils
from .project import Project

[docs]class ProjectInfo(object): """Class to store some information about the project""" def __init__(self, projName, mTime, cTime, path): """At least it receives the Project Name and its modification time""" self.projName = projName self.mTime = mTime self.cTime = cTime self.path = path def __str__(self): return "%s - %s" % (self.projName, self.path)
[docs] def getName(self): return self.projName
[docs] def getModificationTime(self): return self.mTime
[docs] def getCreationTime(self): return self.cTime
[docs] def realPath(self): return os.path.realpath(self.path)
[docs]class Manager(object): """ Manage all projects of a given workspace, for a given Domain. (i.e, listing projects, creating, deleting or querying info) """ def __init__(self, workspace=None): """ Params: workspace: path to where the user's workspace is. A subfolder named 'projects' is expected. If workspace is None, the workspace will be taken from the global configuration. """ ws = workspace or pw.Config.SCIPION_USER_DATA self.PROJECTS = os.path.join(ws, 'projects')
[docs] def getProjectPath(self, projectName): """Return the project path given the name""" return os.path.join(self.PROJECTS, projectName)
[docs] def listProjects(self, sortByDate=True): """Return a list with all existing projects And some other project info If sortByData is True, recently modified projects will be first""" projList = [] pw.utils.makePath(self.PROJECTS) for f in os.listdir(self.PROJECTS): p = self.getProjectPath(f) if os.path.isdir(p): stat = os.stat(p) projList.append(ProjectInfo(f, stat.st_mtime, stat.st_ctime, p)) if sortByDate: projList.sort(key=lambda k: k.mTime, reverse=True) return projList
[docs] def createProject(self, projectName, runsView=1, hostsConf=None, protocolsConf=None, location=None): """Create a new project. confs dict can contains customs .conf files for: menus, protocols, or hosts """ # Clean project name from undesired characters projectName = Project.cleanProjectName(projectName) # If location is not None create project on it (if exists) if location is None: projectPath = self.getProjectPath(projectName) else: projectPath = os.path.join(location, projectName) # JMRT: Right now the project.create function change the current # working dir (cwd) to the project location, let's store the cwd # and restored after the creation cwd = os.getcwd() project = Project(pw.Config.getDomain(), projectPath) project.create(runsView=runsView, hostsConf=hostsConf, protocolsConf=protocolsConf) # If location is not the default one create a symlink on self.PROJECTS directory if projectPath != self.getProjectPath(projectName): # JMRT: Let's create the link to the absolute path, since relative # can be broken in systems with different mount points pw.utils.createAbsLink(os.path.abspath(projectPath), self.getProjectPath(projectName)) os.chdir(cwd) # Restore cwd before project creation return project
[docs] def importProject(self, fromLocation, copyFiles=True, projectName=None, searchLocation=None): """ Import a project that is somewhere else in the FS Folder can be copied (default) or linked Optionally a name can be specified, otherwise name will match location folder name Project will always be created in the default project folder. """ # If projectName is None... if projectName is None: # use same name as the import location projectName = os.path.basename(fromLocation) projectPath = self.getProjectPath(projectName) # If need to copyFiles if copyFiles: # Copy the whole folder pw.utils.copyTree(os.path.abspath(fromLocation), os.path.abspath(projectPath)) else: # Link the folder pw.utils.createAbsLink(os.path.abspath(fromLocation), projectPath) project = self.loadProject(projectName) if searchLocation: project.fixLinks(searchLocation) return project
[docs] def loadProject(self, projId, **kwargs): """ Retrieve a project object, given its id. """ project = Project(pw.Config.getDomain(), self.getProjectPath(projId)) project.load(**kwargs) return project
[docs] def deleteProject(self, projectName): pw.utils.cleanPath(self.getProjectPath(projectName))
[docs] def renameProject(self, oldName, newName): os.rename(self.getProjectPath(oldName), self.getProjectPath(newName))
[docs] def hasProject(self, projectName): """Return True if exists a project with projectName""" for projInfo in self.listProjects(): if projectName == projInfo.projName: return True return False