xmipp3.viewers.viewer_resolution3d module

class xmipp3.viewers.viewer_resolution3d.BfactorWindow(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: Window

This class creates a Window that will display Bfactor plot to adjust two points to fit B-factor. It will also contain a button to apply the B-factor to the volume and produce a new volumen that can be registered.

Create a Tk window. title: string to use as title for the windows. master: if not provided, the windows create will be the principal one weight: if true, the first col and row will be configured with weight=1 minsize: a minimum size for height and width icon: if not None, set the windows icon

class xmipp3.viewers.viewer_resolution3d.PointPath(ax, pathData, callback=None, tolerance=3, maxPoints=2)[source]

Bases: object

Graphical manager based on Matplotlib to handle mouse events to create a path of points. It also allow to modify the point positions on the path.

setState(state, notify=False)[source]
class xmipp3.viewers.viewer_resolution3d.XmippResolution3DViewer(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: ProtocolViewer

Wrapper to visualize different type of data objects with the Xmipp program xmipp_showj