xmipp3.viewers.viewer_eliminate_empty_images module

class xmipp3.viewers.viewer_eliminate_empty_images.XmippEliminateEmptyViewer(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: ProtocolViewer

This protocol computes the maximum resolution up to which two CTF estimations would be ``equivalent’‘, defining ``equivalent’’ as having

a wave aberration function shift smaller than 90 degrees

xmipp3.viewers.viewer_eliminate_empty_images.plotMultiHistogram(valuesList, colors=None, legend=None, numOfBins=100, plotter=None, views=None, includeEmpties=False)[source]

Values list must be a n-list of list, where n is the number of the subhistograms to plot. Multiple histograms will be plot in the same chart If no views is passed, a new list-views will be returned with the hist. If no plotter is passed, a new generic one will be created.