pyworkflow.webservices.repository module

class pyworkflow.webservices.repository.WorkflowRepository(repositoryUrl='', uploadFileSuffix='workflowProgStep1_add/', uploadMdSuffix='workflowProgStep2_add/')[source]

Bases: object

Manager to communicate with the workflow repository services. It will provide functions to: - Search workflows (open the url in a browser). - Upload a given workflow json file.


Open the repository URL in a web browser.


Upload a given workflow providing the path ot the json file.

First the file is uploaded, then the metadata is uploaded. The script uploads the file and then opens a browser for the metadata Note that the two steps are needed since no initial value can be passed to a file field. poster3 module is needed. Poster3 is pure python so it may be added to the directory rather than installed if needed.

The server is django a uses filefield and csrf_exempt. csrf_exempt disable csrf checking. filefield