pyworkflow.gui.project.viewprotocols module

pyworkflow.gui.project.viewprotocols.INIT_REFRESH_SECONDS = 5

View with the protocols inside the main project window.

class pyworkflow.gui.project.viewprotocols.ProtocolsView(parent, window, **args)[source]

Bases: Frame

What you see when the “Protocols” tab is selected.

In the main project window there are three tabs: “Protocols | Data | Hosts”. This extended tk.Frame is what will appear when Protocols is on.

Construct a frame widget with the parent MASTER.

Valid resource names: background, bd, bg, borderwidth, class, colormap, container, cursor, height, highlightbackground, highlightcolor, highlightthickness, relief, takefocus, visual, width.

RUNS_CANVAS_NAME = 'runs_canvas'
SIZE_COLORS = {1048576: 'green', 1073741824: 'orange', 1099511627776: 'red'}

Prepare the buttons that will be available for protocol actions.


Create the Protocols View for the Project. It has two panes:

Left: containing the Protocol classes tree Right: containing the Runs list

createRunItem(canvas, node)[source]

Function to execute a protocol called not directly from the Form “Execute” button.


Select the view that is currently selected. Read from the settings the last selected view and get the information from the self._protocolViews dict.


Return information about the packing options for this widget.

populateTree(tree, treeItems, prefix, obj, subclassedDict, level=0)[source]
refreshDisplayedRuns(e=None, initRefreshCounter=True, checkPids=False)[source]

Refresh the status of displayed runs. Params:

e: Tk event input initRefreshCounter: if True the refresh counter will be set to 3 secs

then only case when False is from _automaticRefreshRuns where the refresh time is doubled each time to avoid refreshing too often.

refreshRuns(e=None, initRefreshCounter=True, checkPids=False)[source]

Refresh the protocol runs workflow. If the variable REFRESH_WITH_THREADS exits, then use a threads to refresh, i.o.c use normal behavior

setVisibleNodes(node, visible=True)[source]
toggleDataSelection(prot, append)[source]
updateRunsGraph(refresh=False, checkPids=False)[source]
class pyworkflow.gui.project.viewprotocols.RunBox(nodeInfo, canvas, text, x, y, bgColor, textColor)[source]

Bases: TextBox

Just override TextBox move method to keep track of position changes in the graph.

move(dx, dy)[source]
moveTo(x, y)[source]

Move TextBox to a new position (x,y)

class pyworkflow.gui.project.viewprotocols.ScipionLogWindow(parentWindow, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: Window

Class that create a windows where the system log is display

Create a Tk window. title: string to use as title for the windows. master: if not provided, the windows create will be the principal one weight: if true, the first col and row will be configured with weight=1 minsize: a minimum size for height and width icon: if not None, set the windows icon