pyworkflow.gui.project.viewdata module

Data-oriented view of the project objects.

class pyworkflow.gui.project.viewdata.DataTextBox(canvas, text, x, y, bgColor, textColor='black')[source]

Bases: RoundedTextBox

class pyworkflow.gui.project.viewdata.ProjectDataView(parent, windows, **args)[source]

Bases: Frame

refreshData(e=None, initRefreshCounter=True)[source]

Refresh the status of displayed data. Params:

e: Tk event input initRefreshCounter: if True the refresh counter will be set to 3 secs

then only case when False is from _automaticRefreshData where the refresh time is doubled each time to avoid refreshing too often.

toggleItemSelection(item, select)[source]
pyworkflow.gui.project.viewdata.populateTree(tree, elements, parentId='')[source]