pwem.viewers.viewer_vmd module

class pwem.viewers.viewer_vmd.Vmd[source]

Bases: object

Help class to run VMD and manage its environment.

classmethod getEnviron()[source]

Return the proper environ to launch VMD. VMD_HOME variable is read from the ~/.config/scipion.conf file.

class pwem.viewers.viewer_vmd.VmdView(vmdCommand, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: CommandView

View for calling an external command.


This method should be overwritten to implement how this particular view will be displayed in desktop.

class pwem.viewers.viewer_vmd.VmdViewer(**args)[source]

Bases: Viewer

Wrapper to visualize PDB objects with VMD viewer.

visualize(obj, **args)[source]

Display each of the views, by default the implementation is for desktop.