pwem.viewers.viewer_base module

class pwem.viewers.viewer_base.EmProtocolViewer(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: ProtocolViewer

Subclass of ProtocolViewer that have specific functions for EM data visualization.

createAngDistributionSqlite(sqliteFn, numberOfParticles, itemDataIterator)[source]
createVolumesSqlite(files, path, samplingRate, updateItemCallback=None)[source]
objectView(filenameOrObject, **kwargs)[source]

This is a wrapper around the ObjectView constructor, just to avoid passing the project and protocol, since both are know here in the ProtocolViewer. Params:

filenameOrObject: This parameter can be either a filename or an

object that has ‘getFileName’ method.

**kwargs: Can receive extra keyword-arguments that will be passed

to the ObjectView constructor