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Tomogram Reconstruction

The main goal of this tutorial is to illustrate the combination of different tomography software packages in the same Scipion project.

Manual Tomogram Reconstruction with etomo

This tutorial shows how Scipion incorporates etomo (scipion-em-imod) and how the tomograms can be manually reconstrutedthewith it, inside a Scipion project.

Tomogram Reconstruction and Local Resolution Analysis with MonoTomo

This tutorial shows how to reconstruct a tomogram in Scipion evaluating its local resolution

Picking Tutorial

This page will present the different picking protocols and strategies available in Scipion for Tomography and the Plugins where the various programs can be found. The tutorial will cover from the picking step to the extraction of the coordinates selected in the tomogram, including some useful tools to complement the protocols involved in the picking workflows.

Denoising, Membrane Segmentation and Annotation and Directional Picking

This tutorial covers a part of the full data processing pipeline in cryo electron tomography, concretely from the tomogram to the initial model generation after having picked the particles.

Subtomogram Averaging Ribosome (Part I)

In this tutorial, we will describe a basic workflow that goes from a tomogram containing purified ribosomes to a subtomogram average of the ribosome. To achieve this task, we will import the data to Scipion and then, perform a picking, extraction, classification and subtomogram refinement.

Subtomogram Averaging HIV (Part II)

In this first part of the tutorial, we will follow a workflow from tomogram to subtomogram averaging. Our objective is to reconstruct a protein of the capsid of the HIV virus, so our particles will have to maintain the orientation with respect to the virus internal membrane.