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Introduction to Scipion


This tutorial provides a quick introduction to processing with Scipion. It is designed to take a short time while illustrating the main concepts. The tutorial uses 3 micrographs from the Grigorieff BPV dataset. A final virus 3D map is obtained.

Initial model estimation


This tutorial uses different methods to obtain an initial 3D map. Methods covered are RCT, Ransac, Eman and Reconstruct Significant.

Guide: scipion_tutorial_initialvolume.pdf

Mix-and-match in Scipion


This tutorial presents a more complete workflow of Cryo-EM single particles inside Scipion. It is focused on demonstrate the combination of different EM-packages. This tutorial follows the processing pipeline described for Relion 1.3 tutorial with Beta-galactosidase data.

Guide: scipion_tutorial_betagal.pdf

You may download a fully solved project of this tutorial from here.

Full processing video tutorial

4 video tutorials in a list to go from movies to a 3D volume using betagalactosidase data.

Take a look at our tutorial videos in the Scipion youtube channel.

Know more about the theory and practice behind Image Processing in EM.

Mouse apoferritin image processing in Scipion 3.0.0


This tutorial presents a complete workflow of Cryo-EM single particles inside Scipion 3. It demonstrates the combination of different EM-packages with high focus on Xmipp highres.


apoferritin image processing tutorial in scipion3

You may download a fully solved compressed project (Example_10248_Scipion3.tgz) of this tutorial from here.

Workflow: download

Initial volume validation by SAXS


This tutorial provides a guide to the validation of the initial volume estimations using SAXS curves in Scipion.

Guide: scipion_tutorial_SAXS.pdf

Localized reconstruction in Scipion


In this tutorial, we provide a step-by-step guide for handling symmetry mismatches in single-particle analysis using a new plugin called LocalRec (Ilca et al. 2015) in Scipion (Abrishami et al. 2020).

Guide: scipion_tutorial_localrec.pdf