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Introduction to Scipion Developer

Become a Scipion developer in 8 steps

If you are new to Scipion, you will find useful to follow this steps:

  1. Read the project definition. After this, you should have a better idea of the context of our work and what Scipion is and which are the motivations behind. Don’t worry if you feel a bit lost with so much information, you can read this again.

  2. Read the Scipion Architecture to have an idea of the “big picture” of the project. You should know the basic components of Scipion and how they interact.

  3. Learn how to configure Pycharm before start developing in Scipion. Pycharm is the IDE that we use, but you sould be able to use your preferred one.

  4. Read some basic tips about git. We use git as our versioning system, so it will be useful to have a basic knowledge about it.

  5. Read the style guide to start coding Python. The style is very important in order to write clear and readable code as a team.

  6. Check the Design Style guide for images, colours, messages, etc.

  7. Find complementary materials about Structural Biology and Electron Microscopy in Additional information.

  8. Join our mailing lists:

Xmipp developers stuff contains info which might also be relevant to Scipion.