Source code for xmipp3.protocols.protocol_angular_resolution_alignment

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# **************************************************************************
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# * Authors:     Jose Luis Vilas (
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# * Unidad de  Bioinformatica of Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia , CSIC
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# * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# * the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
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import os
from pyworkflow import VERSION_2_0
from pyworkflow.utils import getExt
from pyworkflow.protocol.params import (PointerParam, BooleanParam, FloatParam,
from pwem.protocols import ProtAnalysis3D

RADIAL_RESOLUTION_FN = 'radial_FSC_resolution.xmd'

[docs]class XmippProtResolutionAlignment(ProtAnalysis3D): """ Given two half maps the protocol estimates if the reconstruction presents angular alignment errors. To do that, a set of directional FSC along all possible directions are estimated. The result is a curve Resolution-radius. If this curve presents a slope then the map present angular assignment errors, but it the graph is flat (horizontal), the map is error free. Note that this protocol generates a plot, not a Scipion object. Its result can only be visualized. """ _label = 'resolution alignment' _lastUpdateVersion = VERSION_2_0 def __init__(self, **args): ProtAnalysis3D.__init__(self, **args) # --------------------------- DEFINE param functions ---------------------- def _defineParams(self, form): form.addSection(label='Input') form.addParam('halfVolumesFile', BooleanParam, default=False, label="Are the half volumes stored with the input volume?", help='Usually, the half volumes are stored as properties of ' 'the input volume. If this is not the case, set this to ' 'False and specify the two halves you want to use.') form.addParam('inputHalves', PointerParam, pointerClass='Volume', label="Input Half Maps", condition='halfVolumesFile', help='Select a half maps for determining its ' ' resolution anisotropy and resolution.') form.addParam('half1', PointerParam, pointerClass='Volume', condition="not halfVolumesFile", label="Half Map 1", important=True, help='Select one map for determining the ' 'directional FSC resolution.') form.addParam('half2', PointerParam, pointerClass='Volume', condition="not halfVolumesFile", label="Half Map 2", important=True, help='Select the second map for determining the ' 'directional FSC resolution.') form.addParam('mask', PointerParam, pointerClass='VolumeMask', allowsNull=True, label="Mask", help='The mask determines which points are specimen' ' and which are not') form.addParam('helicalReconstruction', BooleanParam, default=False, label="Is a the protein a helix", help='blablabla') form.addParam('limRadius', BooleanParam, default=True, expertLevel=LEVEL_ADVANCED, label="Limit the protein radius", help='blablabla') form.addParam('usedirectionalfsc', BooleanParam, default=True, expertLevel=LEVEL_ADVANCED, label="use directional fsc", help='blablabla') form.addParam('coneAngle', FloatParam, default=17.0, expertLevel=LEVEL_ADVANCED, label="Cone Angle", help='Angle between the axis of the cone and the generatrix. ' 'An angle of 17 degrees is the best angle (see publication' 'Vilas 2021) to measuare directional FSCs') form.addParam('threshold', FloatParam, expertLevel=LEVEL_ADVANCED, default=0.143, label="FSC Threshold", help='Threshold for the fsc. By default the standard 0.143. ' 'Other common thresholds are 0.5 and 0.3.') form.addParallelSection(threads=4, mpi=0) # --------------------------- INSERT steps functions -------------------------------------------- def _insertAllSteps(self): self._insertFunctionStep(self.convertInputStep) self._insertFunctionStep(self.angularResolutionAlignmentStep)
[docs] def convertInputStep(self): """ This function sets the maps properly into mrc """ if self.halfVolumesFile: self.vol1Fn, self.vol2Fn = self.inputHalves.get().getHalfMaps().split(',') else: self.vol1Fn = self.half1.get().getFileName() self.vol2Fn = self.half2.get().getFileName() extVol1 = getExt(self.vol1Fn) extVol2 = getExt(self.vol2Fn) if (extVol1 == '.mrc') or (extVol1 == '.map'): self.vol1Fn = self.vol1Fn + ':mrc' if (extVol2 == '.mrc') or (extVol2 == '.map'): self.vol2Fn = self.vol2Fn + ':mrc' if self.mask.hasValue(): self.maskFn = self.mask.get().getFileName() extMask = getExt(self.maskFn) if (extMask == '.mrc') or (extMask == '.map'): self.maskFn = self.maskFn + ':mrc'
[docs] def angularResolutionAlignmentStep(self): """ This function runs the algorithm to detect misalignment """ fndir = self._getExtraPath("fsc") os.mkdir(fndir) params = ' --half1 "%s"' % self.vol1Fn params += ' --half2 "%s"' % self.vol2Fn params += ' -o %s' % self._getExtraPath(RADIAL_RESOLUTION_FN) if self.halfVolumesFile: params += ' --sampling %f' % self.inputHalves.get().getSamplingRate() else: params += ' --sampling %f' % self.half1.get().getSamplingRate() if self.helicalReconstruction.get(): params += ' --helix ' if self.mask.hasValue(): params += ' --mask "%s"' % self.maskFn if self.limRadius.get(): params += ' --limit_radius ' if self.usedirectionalfsc.get(): params += ' --directional_resolution ' params += ' --anglecone %f' % self.coneAngle.get() params += ' --threshold %s' % self.threshold.get() params += ' --threads %s' % self.numberOfThreads.get() self.runJob('xmipp_angular_resolution_alignment', params)
# --------------------------- INFO functions ------------------------------ def _methods(self): messages = [] ARTICLE_URL = 'Pending on publication' messages.append('Information about the method/article in ' + ARTICLE_URL) return messages def _validate(self): errors = [] if self.halfVolumesFile.get(): if not self.inputHalves.get(): errors.append("You need to select the Associated halves") else: if not self.half1.get(): errors.append("You need to select the half1") if not self.half2.get(): errors.append("You need to select the half2") return errors def _summary(self): summary = [] summary.append("This protocol does not produce Scipion Objects as output. Click on Analyze results to visualize the results") return summary