Source code for pyworkflow.config

import logging
logger = logging.getLogger(__file__)
import ast
import importlib
import inspect
import json
import os
import shutil
import sys
import types

from .constants import *

HOME = os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(__file__))

[docs]def join(*paths): """ join paths from HOME . """ return os.path.join(HOME, *paths)
__resourcesPath = [join('resources')]
[docs]def findResource(filename): from .utils.path import findFile return findFile(filename, *__resourcesPath)
[docs]def genNotesHeading(): return SCIPION_NOTES_HEADING_MSG
[docs]def getAppsPath(*paths): return join(APPS, *paths)
[docs]def getSyncDataScript(): return getAppsPath(PW_SYNC_DATA)
[docs]def getScheduleScript(): return getAppsPath(PW_SCHEDULE_RUN)
[docs]def getPwProtMpiRunScript(): return getAppsPath(PW_PROTOCOL_MPIRUN)
[docs]def getTestsScript(): return getAppsPath(PW_RUN_TESTS)
[docs]def getViewerScript(): return getAppsPath(PW_VIEWER)
[docs]def getPyworkflowPath(): """ Returns the path where pyworkflow is""" return os.path.dirname(__file__)
[docs]def getModuleFolder(moduleName): """ Returns the path of a module without importing it""" spec = importlib.util.find_spec(moduleName) return os.path.dirname(spec.origin)
[docs]class Config: """ Main Config for pyworkflow. It contains the main Scipion configuration variables providing default values or, if present, taking them from the environment. Necessary value is SCIPION_HOME and has to be present in the environment""" @staticmethod def __get(key, default): value = os.environ.get(key, default) # Expand user and variables if string value if isinstance(value, str): value = os.path.expandvars(os.path.expanduser(value)) return value
[docs] class Root: """ Simple helper to return path from a root. """ def __init__(self, root): self._root = root
[docs] def join(self, *path): # We need to consider variable in the config with ~ expanded = os.path.expanduser(os.path.join(*path)) # join will not join if expanded is absolute return os.path.join(self._root, expanded)
# Home for scipion _get = __get.__func__ SCIPION_HOME = os.path.abspath(_get(SCIPION_HOME_VAR, '')) "Path where Scipion is installed. Other paths are based on this like SCIPION_SOFTWARE, SCIPION_TESTS,... unless specified" _root = Root(SCIPION_HOME) _join = _root.join # SCIPION PATHS SCIPION_SOFTWARE = _join(_get('SCIPION_SOFTWARE', 'software')) "Path where Scipion will install the software. Defaults to SCIPION_HOME/software." SCIPION_TESTS = _join(_get('SCIPION_TESTS', os.path.join('data', 'tests'))) "Path where to find/download test data. Defaults to SCIPION_HOME/data/tests." # User dependent paths SCIPION_USER_DATA = _get('SCIPION_USER_DATA', '~/ScipionUserData') "Path where Scipion projects are or will be created. Defaults to ~/ScipionUserData" SCIPION_TMP = _get('SCIPION_TMP', _join(SCIPION_USER_DATA, 'tmp')) "General purpose scipion tmp folder. Defaults to SCIPION_USER_DATA/tmp" # LOGGING variables SCIPION_LOGS = _get('SCIPION_LOGS', _join(SCIPION_USER_DATA, 'logs')) "Path for Scipion logs folder used by the GUI. Defaults to SCIPION_USER_DATA/logs." SCIPION_LOG_CONFIG = _get('SCIPION_LOG_CONFIG', None) "Optional. Path to a python logging configuration file fine tune the logging." SCIPION_LOG = _join(SCIPION_LOGS, 'scipion.log') "Path to the file where scipion will write GUI logging messages. Defaults to SCIPION_LOGS/scipion.log" SCIPION_LOG_FORMAT = _get('SCIPION_LOG_FORMAT', "%(message)s") "Format for all the log lines, defaults to %(message)s. To compose the format see" SCIPION_LOG_LEVEL = _get(SCIPION_LOG_LEVEL, 'INFO') "Default logging level. String among CRITICAL, ERROR, WARNING, INFO, DEBUG, NOTSET. Default value is INFO." NO_COLOR = _get('NO_COLOR', '') "Comply with initiative. Set it to something different than '' to deactivate colors in the output." SCIPION_SCRATCH = _get(SCIPION_SCRATCH, None) "Optional. Path to a location mounted in a scratch drive (SSD,...)" SCIPION_TESTS_OUTPUT = _get('SCIPION_TESTS_OUTPUT', _join(SCIPION_USER_DATA, 'Tests')) "Path to a folder Where the output of the tests will be written. Defaults to SCIPION_USER_DATA/Tests." SCIPION_TEST_NOSYNC = _get('SCIPION_TEST_NOSYNC', "False") "Set it to 1, True, Yes or y to cancel test dataset synchronization. Needed when updating files in a dataset." SCIPION_SUPPORT_EMAIL = _get('SCIPION_SUPPORT_EMAIL', '') SCIPION_LOGO = _get('SCIPION_LOGO', 'scipion_logo.gif') # Config variables SCIPION_CONFIG = _get('SCIPION_CONFIG', 'scipion.conf') "Path to the scipion configuration file where all this variables could be defined." SCIPION_LOCAL_CONFIG = _get('SCIPION_LOCAL_CONFIG', SCIPION_CONFIG) "Path to an optional/extra/user configuration file meant to overwrite default variables." SCIPION_HOSTS = _get('SCIPION_HOSTS', 'hosts.conf') "Path to the host.cof file to allow scipion to use queue engines and run in HPC environments." SCIPION_PROTOCOLS = _get('SCIPION_PROTOCOLS', 'protocols.conf') "" SCIPION_PLUGIN_JSON = _get('SCIPION_PLUGIN_JSON', None) "Optional. Path to get the json file with all the plugins available for Scipion." SCIPION_PLUGIN_REPO_URL = _get('SCIPION_PLUGIN_REPO_URL', '') "Url from where to get the list of plugins." # REMOTE Section SCIPION_URL = _get('SCIPION_URL', '') SCIPION_URL_SOFTWARE = _get('SCIPION_URL_SOFTWARE', SCIPION_URL + '/software') SCIPION_URL_TESTDATA = _get('SCIPION_URL_TESTDATA', SCIPION_URL + '/data/tests') # Scipion Notes SCIPION_NOTES_FILE = _get(SCIPION_NOTES_FILE, 'notes.txt') "Name of the file where to write per project notes." SCIPION_NOTES_PROGRAM = _get(SCIPION_NOTES_PROGRAM, None) "Command or program to use to open the notes file. Otherwise system will extension association will take place." SCIPION_NOTES_ARGS = _get(SCIPION_NOTES_ARGS, None) # Aspect SCIPION_FONT_NAME = _get('SCIPION_FONT_NAME', "Helvetica") "Name of the font to use in Scipion GUI. Defaults to Helvetica." SCIPION_FONT_SIZE = int(_get('SCIPION_FONT_SIZE', SCIPION_DEFAULT_FONT_SIZE)) "Size of the 'normal' font to be used in Scipion GUI. Defaults to 10." WIZARD_MASK_COLOR = _get('WIZARD_MASK_COLOR', '[0.125, 0.909, 0.972]') "Color to use in some wizards." # Notification SCIPION_NOTIFY = _get('SCIPION_NOTIFY', 'True') "If set to False, Scipion developers will know almost nothing about Scipion usage and will have less information to improve it." SCIPION_CWD = _get('SCIPION_CWD', os.path.abspath(os.getcwd())) "Directory when scipion was launched" SCIPION_GUI_REFRESH_IN_THREAD = _get('SCIPION_GUI_REFRESH_IN_THREAD', 'False') "True to refresh the runs graph with a thread. Unstable." SCIPION_GUI_REFRESH_INITIAL_WAIT = int(_get("SCIPION_GUI_REFRESH_INITIAL_WAIT", 5)) "Seconds to wait after a manual refresh" SCIPION_GUI_CANCEL_AUTO_REFRESH = _get("SCIPION_GUI_CANCEL_AUTO_REFRESH","False") "Set it to True to cancel automatic refresh of the runs." # Cancel shutil fast copy. In GPFS, shutil.copy does fail when trying a fastcopy and does not fallback on the slow copy. SCIPION_CANCEL_FASTCOPY = _get('SCIPION_CANCEL_FASTCOPY', None) "Cancel fast copy done by shutil (copying files) when it fails. Has happened in GPFS environments." # Priority package list: This variable is used in the view protocols in # order to load first the plugins that contains the main protocols.conf # sections, so other plugins can define only their sections avoiding # duplicating all the sections in all plugins SCIPION_PRIORITY_PACKAGE_LIST = _get('SCIPION_PRIORITY_PACKAGE_LIST', None) SCIPION_STEPS_CHECK_SEC = int(_get('SCIPION_STEPS_CHECK_SEC', 5)) "Number of seconds to wait before checking if new input is available in streamified protocols." SCIPION_UPDATE_SET_ATTEMPTS = int(_get('SCIPION_UPDATE_SET_ATTEMPTS', 3)) "Number of attempts to modify the protocol output before failing. The default value is 3" SCIPION_UPDATE_SET_ATTEMPT_WAIT = int(_get('SCIPION_UPDATE_SET_ATTEMPT_WAIT', 2)) "Time in seconds to wait until the next attempt when checking new outputs. The default value is 2 seconds" try: VIEWERS = ast.literal_eval(_get('VIEWERS', "{}")) except Exception as e: VIEWERS = {} print("ERROR loading preferred viewers, VIEWERS variable will be ignored") print(e) SCIPION_DOMAIN = _get(SCIPION_DOMAIN, None) SCIPION_TESTS_CMD = _get(SCIPION_TESTS_CMD, getTestsScript()) # ---- Getters ---- # # Getters are alternatives to offer a variable, but preventing it to be stored in the config
[docs] @classmethod def getLibFolder(cls): """ :return: Folder where libraries must be placed in case a binding needs them """ lib = cls._join(cls.SCIPION_SOFTWARE, 'lib') os.makedirs(lib, exist_ok=True) return lib
[docs] @classmethod def getBindingsFolder(cls): """ Folder where bindings must be placed. This folder is added to sys.path at launching time. If the binding depends on a dynamic libraries, those must be placed at cls.getLibFolder() :return: The bindings folder """ bindings = cls._join(cls.SCIPION_SOFTWARE, 'bindings') os.makedirs(bindings, exist_ok=True) return bindings
[docs] @classmethod def getLogsFolder(cls): """ Folder where scipion logs must be placed. The folder is created """ logsFolder = cls.SCIPION_LOGS os.makedirs(logsFolder, exist_ok=True) return logsFolder
[docs] @classmethod def getVars(cls): """ Return a dictionary with all variables defined in this Config. """ configVars = dict() # For each variable, also in base classes for baseCls in inspect.getmro(cls): for name, value in vars(baseCls).items(): # Skip methods and internal attributes starting with __ # (e.g __doc__, __module__, etc) if (isinstance(value, str) or isinstance(value, int)) and not name.startswith('__'): configVars[name] = str(value) return configVars
[docs] @classmethod def printVars(cls): """ Print the variables dict, mostly for debugging. """ from .utils import prettyDict prettyDict(cls.getVars())
[docs] @classmethod def getDomain(cls): """ Import domain module from path or name defined in SCIPION_DOMAIN. """ value = cls.SCIPION_DOMAIN if not value: return None if os.path.isdir(value): dirname, value = os.path.split(value) sys.path.append(dirname) return importlib.import_module(value).Domain
[docs] @classmethod def setDomain(cls, moduleOrNameOrPath): if isinstance(moduleOrNameOrPath, types.ModuleType): value = os.path.abspath(moduleOrNameOrPath.__path__[0]) else: value = moduleOrNameOrPath cls.SCIPION_DOMAIN = value os.environ[SCIPION_DOMAIN] = value
[docs] @staticmethod def getPythonLibFolder(): from sysconfig import get_paths return os.path.join(get_paths()['data'], "lib")
[docs] @staticmethod def debugOn(): """ Returns a True if debug mode (SCIPION_DEBUG variable) is active """ from .utils import envVarOn return bool(envVarOn(SCIPION_DEBUG))
[docs] @staticmethod def toggleDebug(): debugOn = not Config.debugOn() os.environ[SCIPION_DEBUG] = str(debugOn) os.environ[SCIPION_DEBUG_NOCLEAN] = str(debugOn) os.environ[SCIPION_LOG_LEVEL] = "INFO" if not debugOn else "DEBUG"
[docs] @staticmethod def debugSQLOn(): from .utils import envVarOn return bool(envVarOn(SCIPION_DEBUG_SQLITE))
[docs] @staticmethod def toggleDebugSQL(): newValue = not Config.debugSQLOn() os.environ[SCIPION_DEBUG_SQLITE] = str(newValue)
[docs] @classmethod def refreshInThreads(cls): from .utils import strToBoolean return strToBoolean(cls.SCIPION_GUI_REFRESH_IN_THREAD)
[docs] @classmethod def getExternalJsonTemplates(cls): return os.path.dirname(cls.SCIPION_CONFIG)
[docs] @classmethod def getWizardMaskColor(cls): return json.loads(cls.WIZARD_MASK_COLOR)
[docs] @classmethod def getPriorityPackageList(cls): if cls.SCIPION_PRIORITY_PACKAGE_LIST is not None: return cls.SCIPION_PRIORITY_PACKAGE_LIST.split(" ") else: return []
[docs] @classmethod def getStepsCheckSeconds(cls): return cls.SCIPION_STEPS_CHECK_SEC
[docs] @classmethod def getUpdateSetAttempts(cls): return cls.SCIPION_UPDATE_SET_ATTEMPTS
[docs] @classmethod def getUpdateSetAttemptsWait(cls): return cls.SCIPION_UPDATE_SET_ATTEMPT_WAIT
[docs] @classmethod def colorsInTerminal(cls): """ Returns true if colors are allowed. Based on NO_COLOR variable. Undefined or '' colors are enabled""" return cls.NO_COLOR == ''
# Add bindings folder to sys.path sys.path.append(Config.getBindingsFolder()) # Cancel fast copy if Config.SCIPION_CANCEL_FASTCOPY: shutil._USE_CP_SENDFILE = False