Source code for scipion.install.clean

#!/usr/bin/env python

import os
import sys

cleanAll = 'all' in sys.argv

python = 'python' in sys.argv

[docs]def cmd(command): print(command) os.system(command)
if cleanAll: cmd('rm -rf software/lib/* ') cmd('rm -rf software/bin/* ') cmd('rm -rf software/include/* ') cmd('rm -rf software/man/* ') cmd('rm -rf software/share/* ') cmd('rm -rf software/tmp/*') cmd('rm -rf software/log/*') elif python: cmd('rm -rf software/bin/python* ') cmd('rm -rf software/lib/python* ') cmd('rm -rf software/include/python* ') # Clean xmipp, default for empty args. else: for ext in ['so', 'os', 'o']: cmd('find software/em/xmipp -name "*.%s" -exec rm -rf {} \;' % ext) # force pyc refresh even if .pyc's timestamp is not older than the corresponding .py's timestamp # to trigger a recompilation. cmd('find . -iname "*.pyc" -delete')