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This module define a Graph class and some utilities 

[docs]class Node(object): """ A node inside the graph. """ _count = 1 def __init__(self, name=None, label=None): self._childs = [] self._parents = [] if name is None: name = str(self._count) self._count += 1 self._name = name if label is None: label = name self._label = label
[docs] def getName(self): return self._name
[docs] def getLabel(self): return self._label
[docs] def setLabel(self, newLabel): self._label = newLabel
[docs] def isRoot(self): return len(self._parents) == 0
[docs] def getChilds(self): return self._childs
[docs] def addChild(self, *nodes): for n in nodes: if n not in self._childs: self._childs.append(n) n._parents.append(self)
[docs] def getParent(self): """ Return the first parent in the list, if the node isRoot, None is returned. """ if self.isRoot(): return None return self._parents[0]
[docs] def getParents(self): return self._parents
[docs] def iterChilds(self): """ Iterate over all childs and subchilds. Nodes can be visited more than once if have more than one parent. """ for child in self._childs: for c in child.iterChilds(): yield c yield self
[docs] def countChilds(self, visitedNode=None, count=0): """ Iterate over all childs and subchilds. Nodes can be visited once """ for child in self._childs: if child._name not in visitedNode: visitedNode[child._name] = True child.countChilds(visitedNode) return len(visitedNode)
[docs] def iterChildsBreadth(self): """ Iter child nodes in a breadth-first order """ for child in self._childs: yield child for child in self._childs: for child2 in child.iterChildsBreadth(): yield child2
def __str__(self): return "Node (id=%s, label=%s, root=%s)" % (self._name, self.getLabel(), self.isRoot())
[docs]class Graph(object): """Simple directed Graph class. Implemented using adjacency lists. """ def __init__(self, rootName='ROOT', root=None): self._nodes = [] self._nodesDict = {} # To retrieve nodes from name if root is None: self._root = self.createNode(rootName) else: self._root = root self._registerNode(root) def _registerNode(self, node): self._nodes.append(node) self._nodesDict[node.getName()] = node for child in node.getChilds(): self._registerNode(child)
[docs] def getRoot(self): return self._root
[docs] def createNode(self, nodeName, nodeLabel=None): """ Add a node to the graph """ node = Node(nodeName, nodeLabel) self._registerNode(node) return node
[docs] def aliasNode(self, node, aliasName): """ Register an alias name for the node. """ self._nodesDict[aliasName] = node
[docs] def getNode(self, nodeName): return self._nodesDict.get(nodeName, None)
[docs] def getNodeNames(self): """ Returns all the keys in the node dictionary""" return self._nodesDict.keys()
[docs] def getNodes(self): return self._nodes
[docs] def getRootNodes(self): """ Return all nodes that have no parent. """ return [n for n in self._nodes if n.isRoot()]
[docs] def printNodes(self): for node in self.getNodes(): print("Node: ", node) print(" Childs: ", ','.join([c.getLabel() for c in node.getChilds()]))
def _escape(self, label): return label.replace('.', '_').replace(' ', '_').replace('-', '_').replace('___', '_')
[docs] def printDot(self, useId=True): """ If useId is True, use the node id for label the graph. If not, use the run name. """ def getLabel(node): if useId: return node.getName() else: return node.getLabel() dotStr = "\ndigraph {\n" for node in self.getNodes(): for child in node.getChilds(): nodeLabel = self._escape(getLabel(node)) childLabel = self._escape(getLabel(child)) dotStr += " %s -> %s;\n" % (nodeLabel, childLabel) dotStr += "}" print(dotStr) return dotStr