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# * Unidad de  Bioinformatica of Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia , CSIC
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This module trace through printing 
module and class functions...
Code from:

import inspect
import sys

[docs]def name(item): """ Return an item's name. """ return item.__name__
[docs]def is_classmethod(instancemethod): """ Determine if an instancemethod is a classmethod. """ return instancemethod.im_self is not None
[docs]def is_class_private_name(name): """ Determine if a name is a class private name. """ # Exclude system defined names such as __init__, __add__ etc return name.startswith("__") and not name.endswith("__")
[docs]def method_name(method): """ Return a method's name. This function returns the name the method is accessed by from outside the class (i.e. it prefixes "private" methods appropriately). """ mname = name(method) if is_class_private_name(mname): mname = "_%s%s" % (name(method.im_class), mname) return mname
[docs]def format_args(args): print(args)
[docs]def echo(fn, write=sys.stdout.write): print(fn)
[docs]def echo_instancemethod(klass, method, write=sys.stdout.write): """ Change an instancemethod so that calls to it are echoed. Replacing a classmethod is a little more tricky. See: """ mname = method_name(method) never_echo = "__str__", "__repr__", # Avoid recursion printing method calls if mname in never_echo: pass elif is_classmethod(method): setattr(klass, mname, classmethod(echo(method.im_func, write))) else: setattr(klass, mname, echo(method, write))
[docs]def echo_class(klass, write=sys.stdout.write): """ Echo calls to class methods and static functions """ for _, method in inspect.getmembers(klass, inspect.ismethod): echo_instancemethod(klass, method, write) for _, fn in inspect.getmembers(klass, inspect.isfunction): setattr(klass, name(fn), staticmethod(echo(fn, write)))
[docs]def echo_module(mod, write=sys.stdout.write): """ Echo calls to functions and methods in a module. """ for fname, fn in inspect.getmembers(mod, inspect.isfunction): setattr(mod, fname, echo(fn, write)) for _, klass in inspect.getmembers(mod, inspect.isclass): echo_class(klass, write)