pyworkflow.wizard module

This module is mainly for the Viewer class, which serve as base for implementing visualization tools(Viewer sub-classes).

class pyworkflow.wizard.Wizard[source]

Bases: object

This is a special case of GUI to help the user selecting important parameters. The _targets will serve to define to which Definition and parameters the Wizard is defined, it will be a list of tuples such as: _targets = [(DefImportMicrographs, [‘voltage’, sphericalAberration’]),

(DefCTFMicrographs, [‘lowRes’, ‘highRes’])]

The _environments will serve to define when this wizard can be used. For example> _environments = [DESKTOP_TKINTER, WEB_DJANGO]


This method should return the string value of the view in web that will respond to this wizard. This method only should be implemented in those wizards that have WEB_DJANGO environment defined.

show(form, *params)[source]

This will show up the wizard to select parameters. Params:

form: the protocol form, given access to to all parameters.
Some times the same wizard will modify several elements in the form.
*params: a list of params to modify, sometimes the wizard can
be generic and can be used for different parameters in the same form.