cryosparc2.protocols.protocol_cryosparc2d module

class cryosparc2.protocols.protocol_cryosparc2d.ProtCryo2D(**args)[source]

Bases: cryosparc2.protocols.protocol_base.ProtCryosparcBase, pwem.protocols.protocol_2d.ProtClassify2D

Wrapper to CryoSparc 2D clustering program. Classify particles into multiple 2D classes to facilitate stack cleaning and removal of junk particles. Also useful as a sanity check to investigate particle quality.

IS_2D = True

Create the protocol output. Convert cryosparc file to Relion file

do_run_class_2D: do_job(job_type, puid=’P1’, wuid=’W1’,
uuid=’devuser’, params={}, input_group_connects={})

returns: the new uid of the job that was created


Classify particles into multiples 2D classes