Source code for spider.protocols.protocol_projmatch

# **************************************************************************
# *
# * Authors:     J.M. De la Rosa Trevin (
#                Tapu Shaikh            (
# *              Grigory Sharov         (
# *
# * Unidad de  Bioinformatica of Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia , CSIC
# *
# * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# * the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or
# * (at your option) any later version.
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# * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# * GNU General Public License for more details.
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# * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
# * Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA
# * 02111-1307  USA
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# *  All comments concerning this program package may be sent to the
# *  e-mail address ''
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# **************************************************************************

from os.path import join
from glob import glob
import re

import pyworkflow.utils as pwutils
import pyworkflow.protocol.params as params
from pwem.protocols import ProtRefine3D
from pwem.emlib.image import ImageHandler
from pwem.constants import ALIGN_PROJ
from pwem.objects import Volume, FSC

from .. import Plugin
from ..utils import (SpiderDocFile, SpiderDocAliFile,
                     writeScript, runScript)
from ..convert import convertEndian, alignmentToRow
from ..constants import *
from .protocol_base import SpiderProtocol

[docs]class SpiderProtRefinement(ProtRefine3D, SpiderProtocol): """ Reference-based refinement using SPIDER AP SHC and AP REF commands. Iterative refinement improves the accuracy in the determination of orientations. This improvement is accomplished by successive use of more finely-sampled reference projections. Two different workflows are suggested: with defocus groups or without (gold-standard refinement). For more information, see: [[][SPIDER documentation on projection-matching]] """ _label = 'refine 3D' # --------------------------- DEFINE param functions ---------------------- def _defineParams(self, form): form.addSection(label='Input') form.addParam('protType', params.EnumParam, choices=['with defocus groups', 'gold-standard'], default=GOLD_STD, display=params.EnumParam.DISPLAY_HLIST, label='Choose refinement type', help='In the first method (with defocus groups), ' 'ensembles of particles with similar defocus ' 'values are grouped together. A separate 3D ' 'reconstruction is computed for each "defocus group." ' 'CTF-correction is performed when these reconstructions ' 'are merged into a final reconstruction.\n\n' 'In the second, gold-standard method, the CTF-correction ' 'is applied at the level of windowed particle images. ' 'More information on Spider ' '[[][web-site]]') form.addParam('inputParticles', params.PointerParam, pointerClass='SetOfParticles', pointerCondition='hasCTF', label="Input particles", important=True, help='Select the input particles.\n') form.addParam('input3DReference', params.PointerParam, pointerClass='Volume', important=True, label='Initial 3D reference volume:', help='Input 3D reference reconstruction.\n') form.addParam('numberOfIterations', params.IntParam, default=10, label='Number of iterations:', help='Set the number of iterations. \n\n' 'Multi-reference alignment is computationally intensive, ' 'so rather than use the finest-spaced reference projections immediately, ' 'we start out with a coarse spacing, and ' 'then search a restricted range of orientations ' 'a set of gradually more finely-spaced reference projections.') form.addParam('alignmentShift', params.IntParam, default=7, label='Shift range', help="Alignments are tested in the range +- this value") form.addParam('radius', params.IntParam, default=50, label='Particle radius (px)', help="Radius of the structure (px) used in alignment search\n" "(Default is for ribosome. EDIT as needed.)\n" "This value is used to find radius for last alignment radius.\n") form.addParam('winFrac', params.FloatParam, default=0.95, expertLevel=params.LEVEL_ADVANCED, label='Projection diameter', help="Fraction of window diameter used in projection\n" " (.95= use 95% window size)\n") form.addParam('sphDeconAngle', params.IntParam, default=0, expertLevel=params.LEVEL_ADVANCED, condition='protType == 1', label='Spherical deconvolution angle (deg)', help="Spherical deconvolution angle in degreees (0 == Do not deconvolve)") form.addParam('bpType', params.EnumParam, expertLevel=params.LEVEL_ADVANCED, condition='protType == 1', choices=['BP CG', 'BP 3F', 'BP RP', 'BP 3N'], default=BP_3F, display=params.EnumParam.DISPLAY_HLIST, label='Backprojection method', help="Choose backprojection method (BP CG, BP 3F, BP RP or BP 3N). " "More information on Spider " "[[][web-site]]") form.addParam('smallAngle', params.BooleanParam, default=False, label='Use small angle refinement?', help="In regular, non-small-angle refinement, " "a set of reference projections is computed for all experimental images. \n\n" "In small-angle refinement, " "a set of reference projections is computed for each particle on the fly, " "using the SPIDER command " "[[][VO RAS]]. ") # GLO [ang-steps] = '3.3,3.,2.,2.,2.,1.5,1.5,1.5,1.5,1.5,1.5,1.5,1.5,1.5,1.5,1.5' ; Angular degree steps # GLO [ang-limits] = '0.,0.,15.,8.,6.,5.,5.,5.,5.,5.,5.,5.,5.,5.,5.,5.' ; Angular limits form.addParam('angSteps', params.StringParam, default='3.3 3 3x2 1.5', condition='not smallAngle', label='Angular increment', help="This parameter determines how finely spaced the reference will be projected. " "Each value in the list corresponds to the value for a given iteration. " "A value *V* can be repeated *N* times by using the notation *NxV*. " "If more iterations are requested than the number of values specified here, " "the last value will be repeated. \n\n" "For example, in the default *3.3 3 3x2 1.5*, " "the increment will be: iter 1 - 3.3 degrees, iter 2 - 3 degrees, iter 3,4,5 - 2 degrees, " "and iterations from the sixth onward will use 1.5 degrees.") form.addParam('angLimits', params.StringParam, default='2x0 15 8 6 5', condition='not smallAngle', label='Angular range', help="This parameter determines the range of reference projections that will be searched. " "A value of *0* corresponds to an unrestricted search. " "A small value will result in a faster alignment, but may not find the correct orientation. " "A value *V* can be repeated *N* times by using the notation *NxV*. " "If more iterations are requested than the number of values specified here, " "the last value will be repeated. \n\n" "For example, in the default *2x0 15 8 6 5*, " "the increment will be: iter 1,2 - unrestricted, iter 3 - 15 degrees, iter 4 - 8 degrees, " "iter 5 - 6 degrees and iterations from the sixth onward will use 5 degrees.") form.addParam('angStepSm', params.FloatParam, default=0.5, condition='smallAngle', label='Angular increment', help="This parameter determines how finely spaced the reference will be projected.") form.addParam('thetaRange', params.FloatParam, default=2.0, condition='smallAngle', label='Angular range ', help="This parameter determines the range of reference projections that will be searched.") form.addParallelSection(threads=4, mpi=0) # --------------------------- INSERT steps functions ---------------------- def _insertAllSteps(self): # Create new stacks and selfiles per groups self._insertFunctionStep('convertInputStep', self.inputParticles.get().getObjId()) self._insertFunctionStep('runScriptStep', 'refine.pam') self._insertFunctionStep('createOutputStep') # --------------------------- STEPS functions -----------------------------
[docs] def convertInputStep(self, particlesId): """ Convert all needed inputs before running the refinement script. """ partSet = self.inputParticles.get() protType = self.protType.get() self._writeParamsFile(partSet) self._writeGroupFiles(partSet, protType) # Convert the input volume volPath = self._getExtraPath('ref_vol.vol') ImageHandler().convert(self.input3DReference.get(), volPath) pwutils.moveFile(volPath, volPath.replace('.vol', '.stk')) self._writeRefinementScripts(protType)
def _writeRefinementScripts(self, protType): """ Write the needed scripts to run refinement and substitute some values. """ refPath = self._getExtraPath('Refinement') pwutils.makePath(refPath) def path(p): """ Escape path with '' and add ../ """ return "'%s'" % join('..', p) def script(name, paramsDict={}, protType=protType): if protType == DEF_GROUPS: dirName = 'defocus-groups' else: dirName = 'no-defocus-groups' outputScript = join(refPath, name) writeScript(Plugin.getScript('projmatch', 'Refinement', dirName, name), outputScript, paramsDict) nIter = self.numberOfIterations.get() def getListStr(valueStr): return "'%s'" % ','.join(pwutils.getListFromValues(valueStr, nIter)) diam = int(self.radius.get() * 2 * self.inputParticles.get().getSamplingRate()) params = {'[alignsh]': self.alignmentShift.get(), # shrange was renamed to alignsh in new versions '[shrange]': self.alignmentShift.get(), '[iter-end]': self.numberOfIterations.get(), '[diam]': diam, '[win-frac]': self.winFrac.get(), # '[converg]': self.convergence.get(), '[small-ang]': '1' if self.smallAngle else '0', '[ang-steps]': getListStr(self.angSteps.get()), '[ang-limits]': getListStr(self.angLimits.get()), '[ang-step-sm]': "'(%0.2f)'" % self.angStepSm.get(), '[theta-range]': "'(%0.2f)'" % self.thetaRange.get(), '[vol_orig]': path('ref_vol'), '[sel_group_orig]': path('sel_group'), '[sel_particles_orig]': path('group{***[grp]}_selfile'), '[group_align_orig]': path('group{***[grp]}_align'), '[unaligned_images_orig]': path('group{***[grp]}_stack'), '[out_align]': path('stack_alignment') } if self.protType == GOLD_STD: params.update({'sphdecon': self.sphDeconAngle.get(), 'bp-type': self.bpType.get() + 1}) script('refine_settings.pam', params) if protType == DEF_GROUPS: scriptList = ['refine', 'prepare', 'grploop', 'mergegroups', 'enhance', 'endmerge', 'smangloop', 'endrefine'] else: scriptList = ['refine', 'refine-setrefangles', 'refine-prjrefs', 'refine-loop', 'refine-smangloop', 'refine-bp', 'merge-fsc-filt', 'sphdecon', 'enhance', 'show-r2'] for s in scriptList: script('%s.pam' % s) def _writeParamsFile(self, partSet): acq = partSet.getAcquisition() params = {'datetime': 'now', 'pixelSize': partSet.getSamplingRate(), 'voltage': acq.getVoltage(), 'sphericalAberration': acq.getSphericalAberration(), 'windowSize': partSet.getDimensions()[0], 'nummps': self.numberOfThreads.get() } paramFile = open(self._getExtraPath('params.stk'), 'w+') paramFile.write(""" ;spi/dat Generated by Scipion on %(datetime)s params.stk 5 1 %(pixelSize)f ; pixel size (A) 6 1 %(voltage)f ; electron energy (kV) 7 1 %(sphericalAberration)f ; spherical aberration (mm) 17 1 %(windowSize)f ; window size (pixels) 18 1 %(nummps)d ; number of threads to use """ % params) paramFile.close() def _writeGroupFiles(self, partSet, protType): """Write files that are needed by each group: - stack - selfile - docfile """ ih = ImageHandler() # Keep a dict with all groups found in particles groupDict = {} template = self._getExtraPath('group%03d_%s.stk') if protType == DEF_GROUPS: for part in partSet: defocusGroup = self._getDefocusGroup(part) if defocusGroup not in groupDict: groupInfo = DefocusGroupInfo(defocusGroup, template, ih) groupDict[defocusGroup] = groupInfo else: groupInfo = groupDict[defocusGroup] groupInfo.addParticle(part) else: numProcs = self.numberOfMpi.get() # explicitly set a minimum of 2 groups # GS: maybe not necessary? numGroups = 2 if numProcs < 3 else numProcs d, r = divmod(len(partSet), numGroups) numParts = d + 1 if r > 0 else d groupId = 1 for part in partSet: if groupId not in groupDict: groupInfo = DefocusGroupInfo(groupId, template, ih) groupDict[groupId] = groupInfo else: groupInfo = groupDict[groupId] groupSize = groupDict[groupId].counter if groupSize > numParts: groupId += 1 groupInfo = DefocusGroupInfo(groupId, template, ih) groupDict[groupId] = groupInfo groupInfo.addParticle(part) # Write the docfile with the group information # like the number of particles (and the defocus) groupsDoc = SpiderDocFile(self._getExtraPath('sel_group.stk'), 'w+') for gi in groupDict.values(): if protType == DEF_GROUPS: groupsDoc.writeValues(gi.number, gi.counter, gi.defocus) else: groupsDoc.writeValues(gi.number, gi.counter) # Convert the endianness of the stack convertEndian(gi.stackfile, gi.counter) # Close each group docfile gi.close() groupsDoc.close()
[docs] def runScriptStep(self, script): """ Just run the script that was generated in convertInputStep. """ refPath = self._getExtraPath('Refinement') runScript(script, 'pam/stk', program=Plugin.getProgram(), nummpis=1, cwd=refPath, log=self._log)
[docs] def createOutputStep(self): imgSet = self.inputParticles.get() vol = Volume() lastIter = self._getLastIterNumber() if self.protType == GOLD_STD: vol.setFileName(self._getExtraPath('Refinement/final/vol_%02d.stk' % lastIter)) half1 = self._getExtraPath('Refinement/final/vol_%02d_s1.stk' % lastIter) half2 = self._getExtraPath('Refinement/final/vol_%02d_s2.stk' % lastIter) else: vol.setFileName(self._getExtraPath('Refinement/final/bpr%02d.stk' % lastIter)) half1 = self._getExtraPath('Refinement/final/bpr%02d_sub1.stk' % lastIter) half2 = self._getExtraPath('Refinement/final/bpr%02d_sub2.stk' % lastIter) vol.setSamplingRate(imgSet.getSamplingRate()) vol.setHalfMaps([half1, half2]) outImgSet = self._createSetOfParticles() outImgSet.copyInfo(imgSet) self._fillDataFromDoc(outImgSet) self._defineOutputs(outputVolume=vol) self._defineSourceRelation(self.inputParticles, vol) self._defineOutputs(outputParticles=outImgSet) self._defineTransformRelation(self.inputParticles, outImgSet) fsc = FSC(objLabel=self.getRunName()) resolution, fscData = self._getFscData(it=lastIter) fsc.setData(resolution, fscData) self._defineOutputs(outputFSC=fsc) self._defineSourceRelation(vol, fsc)
# --------------------------- INFO functions ------------------------------ def _validate(self): errors = [] if self.smallAngle and not self.inputParticles.get().hasAlignmentProj(): errors.append('*Small angle* option can only be used if ' 'the particles have angular assignment.') return errors def _warnings(self): warns = [] if not self.smallAngle: niter = self.numberOfIterations.get() if niter < len(pwutils.getListFromValues(self.angSteps.get())): warns.append('*Angular steps* have more values than iterations') return warns def _summary(self): summary = list() summary.append('Number of iterations: *%s*' % self.numberOfIterations) if self.smallAngle: summary.append('Small-angle refinement: ') summary.append(' Angular increment: *%s* degrees' % self.angStepSm) summary.append(' Angular range: *%s* degrees' % self.thetaRange) else: summary.append('Angular increments: *%s*' % self.angSteps) summary.append('Angular range: *%s*' % self.angLimits) diam = int(self.radius.get() * 2 * self.inputParticles.get().getSamplingRate()) summary.append('Particle diameter: *%d* Angstroms' % diam) summary.append('Shift range: *%s* pixels' % self.alignmentShift) # summary.append('Projection diameter: *%s* of window size' % self.winFrac) return summary def _citations(self): return ['Penczek1992'] def _methods(self): msg = "\nInput particles %s " % self.getObjectTag('inputParticles') msg += "were subjected to 3D refinement by projection matching ([Penczek1992]) " msg += "for %s iterations " % self.numberOfIterations msg += "using %s as an initial reference. " % self.getObjectTag('input3DReference') if self.protType == GOLD_STD: msg += "\nUsing gold-standard refinement procedure." else: msg += "\nUsing defocus group-based procedure." return [msg] # --------------------------- UTILS functions ----------------------------- def _getDefocusGroup(self, img): return img.getMicId() def _getLastIterNumber(self): """ Return the list of iteration files, give the iterTemplate. """ result = None if self.protType == DEF_GROUPS: template = self._getExtraPath('Refinement/final/bpr??.stk') else: template = self._getExtraPath('Refinement/final/vol_??.stk') files = sorted(glob(template)) if files: f = files[-1] s = re.compile('(\d{2}).stk').search(f) if s: result = int( return result def _fillDataFromDoc(self, imgSet): outDocFn = SpiderDocAliFile(self._getExtraPath('stack_alignment.stk')) imgSet.setAlignmentProj() initPartSet = self.inputParticles.get() partIter = iter(initPartSet.iterItems(orderBy=['id'], direction='ASC')) imgSet.copyItems(partIter, updateItemCallback=self._createItemMatrix, itemDataIterator=iter(outDocFn)) def _createItemMatrix(self, item, row): from ..convert import createItemMatrix from pwem.constants import ALIGN_PROJ createItemMatrix(item, row, align=ALIGN_PROJ) def _getFscData(self, it): if self.protType == GOLD_STD: # gold std fn = self._getExtraPath("Refinement/final/fscdoc_m_%02d.stk" % it) else: # def groups fn = self._getExtraPath("Refinement/final/ofscdoc_%02d.stk" % it) resolution = [] fscData = [] fscDoc = SpiderDocFile(fn) for values in fscDoc: resolution.append(1 / values[1]) fscData.append(values[2]) return resolution, fscData
[docs]class DefocusGroupInfo: """ Helper class to store some information about defocus groups like the number of particles or the docfile to be generated. """ def __init__(self, defocusGroup, template, ih): self.ih = ih self.number = defocusGroup self.selfile = template % (defocusGroup, 'selfile') self.docfile = template % (defocusGroup, 'align') self.stackfile = template % (defocusGroup, 'stack') self.counter = 0 # number of particles in this group self.sel = SpiderDocFile(self.selfile, 'w+') self.doc = SpiderDocFile(self.docfile, 'w+') self.doc.writeComment(self.docfile) header = ['KEY', 'PSI', 'THE', 'PHI', 'REF#', 'EXP#', 'CUM.{ROT', 'SX', 'SY}', 'NPROJ', 'DIFF', 'CCROT', 'ROT', 'SX', 'SY', 'MIR-CC'] self.doc.writeHeader(header)
[docs] def addParticle(self, img): self.counter += 1 if self.counter == 1: ctf = img.getCTF() self.defocus = (ctf.getDefocusU() + ctf.getDefocusV()) / 2. self.ih.convert(img, (self.counter, self.stackfile)) self.sel.writeValues(self.counter) alignRow = {ANGLE_PSI: 0., ANGLE_THE: 0., ANGLE_PHI: 0., SHIFTX: 0., SHIFTY: 0.} alignment = img.getTransform() if alignment is not None: alignmentToRow(alignment, alignRow, ALIGN_PROJ) values = [0.00, alignRow[ANGLE_THE], alignRow[ANGLE_PHI], 0.00, self.counter, alignRow[ANGLE_PSI], alignRow[SHIFTX], alignRow[SHIFTY], 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 0.0] self.doc.writeValues(*values)
[docs] def close(self): self.sel.close() self.doc.close()