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# * Unidad de  Bioinformatica of Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia , CSIC
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This module implements a simple algorithm to display a graph(mainly a tree)
level by level, using only Tkinter.
import Tkinter as tk

#TODO: all LevelTree code is DEPRECATED...remove it after cleanning
# and include all code from graph_layout

from graph_layout import *

[docs]class LevelTree(object): """ Class to render the Graph in a Canvas. """ def __init__(self, graph): self.DY = 65 self.DX = 15 self.FONT = "sans-serif" self.FONTSIZE = 9 self.graph = graph self.canvas = None
[docs] def setCanvas(self, canvas): self.canvas = canvas
[docs] def paint(self, createNode=None, createEdge=None, maxLevel=9999, usePositions=False): """ Paint the Graph, nodes will be positioned by levels. Params: canvas: the canvas object to paint the graph. createNode: function to build the Item that represents a Node. the Item created should have the following methods: getDimensions: return the width and height moveTo: change the position of the Item createEdge: function to build an Edge connection two Nodes usePositions: if this is True, use the nodes positions without recomputing them. If createNode and createEdge are None, the default ones will be used, that requires the setCanvas method had to be called first. """ self.createNode = createNode or self._defaultCreateNode self.createEdge = createEdge or self._defaultCreateEdge self.maxLevel = maxLevel rootNode = self.graph.getRoot() if usePositions: self._paintNodeWithPosition(rootNode) self._paintEdges(rootNode) else: self._setLevel(rootNode, 0, None) self._paintNodeWithChilds(rootNode, 1) m = 9999 for left, right in rootNode.hLimits: m = min(m, left) self._createEdges(rootNode, -m + self.DY)
def _setLevel(self, node, level, parent): """ Set the level of the nodes. """ node.level = level node.parent = parent nextLevel = level + 1 if nextLevel > self.maxLevel: return for child in node.getChilds(): if nextLevel > getattr(child, 'level', 0): self._setLevel(child, nextLevel, node) def _paintNodeWithChilds(self, node, level): y = level * self.DY self._paintNode(node, y) if level > self.maxLevel: return childs = [c for c in node.getChilds() if c.parent is node] n = len(childs) if n > 0: #width = (xmax - xmin) / n for c in childs: self._paintNodeWithChilds(c, level + 1) if n > 1: offset = 0 for i in range(n-1): sep = self._getChildsSeparation(childs[i], childs[i+1]) offset += sep c = childs[i+1] c.offset = offset total = childs[0].half + offset + childs[-1].half half = total/2 for c in childs: c.offset -= half - childs[0].half else: childs[0].offset = 0 self._getHLimits(node) def _defaultCreateNode(self, canvas, node, y): """ If not createNode is specified, this one will be used by default. """ if canvas is None: raise Exception("method setCanvas should be called before using _defaultCreateNode") nodeText = node.getLabel() textColor = 'black' if nodeText.startswith('Project'): textColor='white' return canvas.createTextbox(nodeText, 100, y, bgColor='light blue', textColor=textColor, margin=0) def _defaultCreateEdge(self, srcItem, dstItem): if self.canvas is None: raise Exception("method setCanvas should be called before using _defaultCreateEdge") self.canvas.createEdge(srcItem, dstItem) def _paintNode(self, node, y): """ Paint a node of the graph. Params: canvas: the canvas in which to paint. node: the node of the graph to be painted. y: level in the tree where to paint. Returns: the create item in the canvas. """ item = self.createNode(self.canvas, node, y) node.width, node.height = item.getDimensions() node.half = node.width / 2 node.hLimits = [[-node.half, node.half]] node.y = item.y node.offset = 0 # Create link from both sides to reach node.item = item item.node = node return item def _printHLimits(self, node, msg): print "\n=====%s========" % msg print " dd: %s" % node.t.text.replace('\n', '_') print " offset: %d, width: %d" % (node.offset, node.width) print " hlimits:" for l, r in node.hLimits: print " [%d, %d]" % (l, r) def _getHLimits(self, node): '''This function will traverse the tree from node to build the left and right profiles(hLimits) for each level of the tree''' node.hLimits = [[-node.half, node.half]] #print "getHLimits, parent: ", node.t.text childs = [c for c in node.getChilds() if c.parent is node] for child in childs: count = 1 #printHLimits(c, " child") if not hasattr(child, 'hLimits'): print "node %s has no hLimits" % child.label raise Exception() for l, r in child.hLimits: l += child.offset r += child.offset #print " level ", count #print " l, r", l, r if count < len(node.hLimits): #print " node.hLimits(A)", node.hLimits[count] if l < node.hLimits[count][0]: node.hLimits[count][0] = l if r > node.hLimits[count][1]: node.hLimits[count][1] = r else: node.hLimits.append([l, r]) #print " node.hLimits(A)", node.hLimits[count] #print " node.hLimits(B)", node.hLimits[count] count += 1 def _getChildsSeparation(self, child1, child2): '''Calcualte separation between siblings at each height level''' sep = 0 hL1 = child1.hLimits hL2 = child2.hLimits n1 = len(hL1) n2 = len(hL2) h = min(n1, n2) for i in range(h): right = hL1[i][1] left = hL2[i][0] if left + sep < right: sep = right - left return sep + self.DX def _createEdges(self, node, x): """ Adjust the position of the nodes and create the edges between them. """ nx = x + node.offset node.item.moveTo(nx, node.y) if node.level == self.maxLevel: return for c in node.getChilds(): if c.parent is node: self._createEdges(c, nx) self.createEdge(node.item, c.item) def _paintNodeWithPosition(self, node): """ Paint nodes using its position. """ self._paintNode(node, None) for child in node.getChilds(): # parent = None for nodes that have been not traversed parent = getattr(child, 'parent', None) if parent is None: child.parent = node self._paintNodeWithPosition(child) def _paintEdges(self, node): """ Paint only the edges between nodes, asumming they are already well positioned. """ for child in node.getChilds(): if child.parent is node: self._paintEdges(child) self.createEdge(node.item, child.item)
[docs]def createNode(canvas, node, y): from canvas import ImageBox return ImageBox(canvas, node.path, text=node.getName(), y=y)
[docs]def createEdge(srcItem, dstItem): pass
if __name__ == '__main__': from canvas import Canvas from pyworkflow.utils.graph import Graph root = tk.Tk() canvas = Canvas(root, width=600, height=500) canvas.grid(row=0, column=0, sticky='nsew') root.grid_columnconfigure(0, weight=1) root.grid_rowconfigure(0, weight=1) import sys maxLevel = 2 if len(sys.argv) > 1: maxLevel = int(sys.argv[1]) def example1(): """ Display a very simple graph: A, B and C. """ g = Graph(rootName='A') a = g.getRoot() b = g.createNode('B') c = g.createNode('C') a.addChild(b, c) lt = LevelTree(g) lt.setCanvas(canvas) #lt.paint(createNode, createEdge) lt.paint() def example2(): avg = '%03d@/home/josem/Scipion/projects/analu_MCM/Runs/SpiderProtClassifyWard4236/averages.stk' name2 = "class_%03d" path = '%d@/home/josem/Scipion/projects/analu_MCM/Runs/XmippProtCL2D4394/extra/level_%02d/classes_sorted.stk' name = 'level_%02d_%02d' def getInfo(level, classNo): return name % (level, classNo), path % (classNo, level) def getInfo2(level, classNo): return name2 % classNo, avg % classNo n, p = getInfo2(0, 1) g = Graph(rootName=n) a = g.getRoot() a.path = p def addChilds(node, nodeNumber, level): imgNo = nodeNumber * 2 for off in [0, 1]: n, p = getInfo2(level+1, imgNo + off) b = g.createNode(n) b.path = p node.addChild(b) if level < maxLevel - 2: addChilds(b, imgNo + off, level + 1) addChilds(a, 1, 0) lt = LevelTree(g) lt.DY = 135 lt.setCanvas(canvas) lt.paint(createNode) example2() canvas.updateScrollRegion() root.mainloop()