Source code for cryocare.wizards

from pyworkflow.gui import ListTreeProviderString, dialog
from pyworkflow.object import Integer
from pyworkflow.wizard import Wizard

from cryocare.protocols import ProtCryoCAREPrepareTrainingData

PATCH_SHAPE = 'patch_shape'

[docs]class cryoCAREPatchSizeWizard(Wizard): # Dictionary to target protocol parameters _targets = [(ProtCryoCAREPrepareTrainingData, [PATCH_SHAPE])]
[docs] def show(self, form, *params): patchValues = [Integer(i) for i in range(32, 130, 8)] # Get a data provider from the patchValues to be used in the tree (dialog) provider = ListTreeProviderString(patchValues) dlg = dialog.ListDialog(form.root, "Paych shape values", provider, "Select one of the size values)") # Set the chosen value back to the form form.setVar(PATCH_SHAPE, dlg.values[0].get())