Source code for pkpd.protocols.protocol_pkpd_stats_oneExperiment_twoSubgroups_mean

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# * Kinestat Pharma
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import pyworkflow.protocol.params as params
from .protocol_pkpd import ProtPKPD
from pkpd.objects import PKPDVariable
from scipy import stats
import numpy as np

[docs]class ProtPKPDStatsExp1Subgroups2Mean(ProtPKPD): """ Compare two means from two subgroups from the same experiment .\n Protocol created by\n """ _label = 'Exp1 SubGr2 Mean' #--------------------------- DEFINE param functions -------------------------------------------- def _defineParams(self, form): form.addSection('Input') form.addParam('inputExperiment', params.PointerParam, label="Input experiment", important=True, pointerClass='PKPDExperiment', help='Select an experiment with samples') form.addParam('labelToCompare', params.StringParam, label="Label to compare", default="", help='Name of the label to compare between the two subroups') form.addParam('expression1', params.StringParam, label="Subgroup 1", default="", help='For example, $(weight)<100 and $(sex)=="male"') form.addParam('expression2', params.StringParam, label="Subgroup 2", default="", help='For example, $(weight)>=100 and $(sex)=="male"') #--------------------------- INSERT steps functions -------------------------------------------- def _insertAllSteps(self): self._insertFunctionStep('runCompare',self.inputExperiment.get().getObjId(), self.labelToCompare.get(), self.expression1.get(), self.expression2.get()) #--------------------------- STEPS functions --------------------------------------------
[docs] def runCompare(self, objId, labelToAdd, expression1, expression2): fh = open(self._getPath("report.txt"),'w') self.experiment = self.readExperiment(self.inputExperiment.get().fnPKPD) x1 = [float(x) for x in self.experiment.getSubGroupLabels(self.expression1.get(),self.labelToCompare.get())] x2 = [float(x) for x in self.experiment.getSubGroupLabels(self.expression2.get(),self.labelToCompare.get())] self.doublePrint(fh,"Values in SubGroup 1: %s"%str(x1)) self.doublePrint(fh,"Values in SubGroup 2: %s"%str(x2)) self.doublePrint(fh,"Testing H0: mu1=mu2") self.doublePrint(fh," ") try: [t,pval] = stats.ttest_ind(np.asarray(x1,np.double),np.asarray(x2,np.double),True) self.doublePrint(fh,"T-test two independent samples (same variance): t-statistic=%f p-value=%f"%(t,pval)) except: pass try: [t,pval] = stats.ttest_ind(x1,x2, False) self.doublePrint(fh,"T-test two independent samples (different variance, Welch's test): t-statistic=%f p-value=%f"%(t,pval)) except: pass try: [u,pval] = stats.mannwhitneyu(x1, x2, True) self.doublePrint(fh,"Mann-Whitney U test for two independent samples: u-statistic=%f p-value=%f"%(u,pval)) except: pass fh.close()
#--------------------------- INFO functions -------------------------------------------- def _summary(self): import os msg=["Comparison between Subgroup1 (%s) and Subgroup2 (%s)"%(self.expression1.get(),self.expression2.get())] msg.append(' ') self.addFileContentToMessage(msg,self._getPath("report.txt")) return msg def _validate(self): msg=[] self.experiment = self.readExperiment(self.inputExperiment.get().fnPKPD,False) if not self.labelToCompare.get() in self.experiment.variables: msg.append("Cannot find %s amongst the experiment variables"%self.labelToCompare.get()) else: variable = self.experiment.variables[self.labelToCompare.get()] if variable.role != PKPDVariable.ROLE_LABEL: msg.append("Variable %s is not a label"%self.labelToCompare.get()) if variable.varType != PKPDVariable.TYPE_NUMERIC: msg.append("Variable %s is not a number"%self.labelToCompare.get()) return msg
[docs] def filterVarForWizard(self, v): """ Define the type of variables required (used in wizard). """ return v.isNumeric() and v.isLabel()