Source code for continuousflex.viewers.viewer_nma

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# *              Slavica Jonic  (
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# **************************************************************************
This module implement the wrappers around Xmipp NMA protocol
visualization program.

from pyworkflow.gui.project import ProjectWindow
from pyworkflow.protocol.params import LabelParam, IntParam
from pyworkflow.viewer import ProtocolViewer, DESKTOP_TKINTER, WEB_DJANGO
from pwem.viewers import ObjectView, VmdView
from pwem.emlib import MDL_NMA_ATOMSHIFT
from continuousflex.protocols import FlexProtNMA
from continuousflex.viewers.nma_plotter import FlexNmaPlotter

OBJCMD_NMA_PLOTDIST = "Plot distance profile"
OBJCMD_NMA_VMD = "Display VMD animation"

[docs]class FlexNMAViewer(ProtocolViewer): """ Visualization of results from the NMA protocol. Normally, NMA modes with high collectivity and low NMA score are preferred. """ _label = 'viewer nma' _targets = [FlexProtNMA] _environments = [DESKTOP_TKINTER, WEB_DJANGO] # def setProtocol(self, protocol): # ProtocolViewer.setProtocol(self, protocol) # inputPdb = protocol.inputStructure.get() # self.isEm.set(inputPdb.getPseudoAtoms()) def _defineParams(self, form): form.addSection(label='Visualization') form.addParam('displayModes', LabelParam, label="Display output Normal Modes?", important=True) form.addParam('displayMaxDistanceProfile', LabelParam, label="Plot max distance profile?", help="Maximum unitary shift of each atom or pseudoatom over all computed modes.") group = form.addGroup('Single mode') group.addParam('modeNumber', IntParam, default=7, label='Mode number') group.addParam('displayVmd', LabelParam, label='Display mode animation with VMD?') group.addParam('displayDistanceProfile', LabelParam, default=False, label="Plot mode distance profile?", help="Unitary shift of each atom or pseudoatom along the mode that is requested to be animated.") def _getVisualizeDict(self): return {'displayModes': self._viewParam, 'displayMaxDistanceProfile': self._viewParam, 'displayVmd': self._viewSingleMode, 'displayDistanceProfile': self._viewSingleMode, } def _viewParam(self, paramName): if paramName == 'displayModes': modes = self.protocol.outputModes return [ObjectView(self._project, modes.strId(), modes.getFileName())] elif paramName == 'displayMaxDistanceProfile': fn = self.protocol._getExtraPath("maxAtomShifts.xmd") return [createShiftPlot(fn, "Maximum atom shifts", "maximum shift")] def _viewSingleMode(self, paramName): """ visualization for a selected mode. """ modes = self.protocol.outputModes modeNumber = self.modeNumber.get() mode = modes[modeNumber] if mode is None: return [self.errorMessage("Invalid mode number *%d*\n" "Display the output Normal Modes to see " "the availables ones." % modeNumber, title="Invalid input")] elif paramName == 'displayVmd': return [createVmdView(self.protocol, modeNumber)] elif paramName == 'displayDistanceProfile': return [createDistanceProfilePlot(self.protocol, modeNumber)]
[docs]def createShiftPlot(mdFn, title, ylabel): plotter = FlexNmaPlotter() plotter.createSubPlot(title, 'atom index', ylabel) plotter.plotMdFile(mdFn, None, MDL_NMA_ATOMSHIFT) return plotter
[docs]def createDistanceProfilePlot(protocol, modeNumber): vectorMdFn = protocol._getExtraPath("distanceProfiles","vec%d.xmd" % modeNumber) plotter = createShiftPlot(vectorMdFn, "Atom shifts for mode %d" % modeNumber, "shift") return plotter
[docs]def createVmdView(protocol, modeNumber): vmdFile = protocol._getExtraPath("animations", "animated_mode_%03d.vmd" % modeNumber) return VmdView('-e "%s"' % vmdFile)
[docs]def showDistanceProfilePlot(protocol, modeNumber): createDistanceProfilePlot(protocol, modeNumber).show()
[docs]def showVmdView(protocol, modeNumber): createVmdView(protocol, modeNumber).show()
ProjectWindow.registerObjectCommand(OBJCMD_NMA_PLOTDIST, showDistanceProfilePlot) ProjectWindow.registerObjectCommand(OBJCMD_NMA_VMD, showVmdView)