Source code for cistem.protocols.program_ctffind

# **************************************************************************
# *
# * Authors:     Josue Gomez BLanco ( [1]
# *              J.M. De la Rosa Trevin ( [2]
# *
# * [1] Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, McGill University
# * [2] SciLifeLab, Stockholm University
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# * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# * the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or
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# * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
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# * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
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# * Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA
# * 02111-1307  USA
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# *  All comments concerning this program package may be sent to the
# *  e-mail address ''
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# **************************************************************************

from numpy import deg2rad

from pwem.objects import CTFModel
import pyworkflow.protocol.params as params

from cistem import Plugin
from ..constants import CTFFIND4_BIN
from ..convert import parseCtffind4Output, readCtfModel

[docs]class ProgramCtffind: """ Wrapper of Ctffind4 program that will handle parameters definition and also execution of the program with the proper arguments. This class is not a Protocol, but somewhat related, since it can be used from protocols that perform CTF estimation. """ def __init__(self, protocol): self._program = Plugin.getProgram(CTFFIND4_BIN) # Load program to use self._findPhaseShift = protocol.findPhaseShift.get() self._args, self._params = self._getArgs(protocol) # Load general arguments
[docs] @classmethod def defineInputParams(cls, form): """ Define input/common parameters. """ form.addSection(label='Input') form.addParam('recalculate', params.BooleanParam, default=False, condition='recalculate', label="Do recalculate ctf?") form.addParam('continueRun', params.PointerParam, allowsNull=True, condition='recalculate', label="Input previous run", pointerClass='CistemProtCTFFind') form.addHidden('sqliteFile', params.FileParam, condition='recalculate', allowsNull=True) form.addParam('inputType', params.EnumParam, default=1, label='Estimate using:', choices=['Movies', 'Micrographs'], display=params.EnumParam.DISPLAY_HLIST) form.addParam('inputMicrographs', params.PointerParam, important=True, condition='not recalculate and inputType==1', label='Input micrographs', pointerClass='SetOfMicrographs') form.addParam('inputMovies', params.PointerParam, important=True, condition='not recalculate and inputType==0', label='Input movies', pointerClass='SetOfMovies') form.addParam('avgFrames', params.IntParam, default=3, condition='inputType==0', label='No. movie frames to average', help='When estimating parameters from movie frames, ' 'enter how many frames should be included ' 'in the sub-averages used to calculate ' 'the amplitude spectra.') form.addParam('usePowerSpectra', params.BooleanParam, default=False, condition='not recalculate and inputType==1', label="Use power spectra?", help="If set to Yes, the CTF estimation will be done " "using power spectra calculated during " "Relion motion correction.")
[docs] @classmethod def defineProcessParams(cls, form): """ Define specific parameters. """ form.addParam('windowSize', params.IntParam, default=512, label='FFT box size (px)', condition='not recalculate', help='The dimensions (in pixels) of the amplitude ' 'spectrum CTFfind will compute. Smaller box ' 'sizes make the fitting process significantly ' 'faster, but sometimes at the expense of ' 'fitting accuracy. If you see warnings ' 'regarding CTF aliasing, consider ' 'increasing this parameter.') group = form.addGroup('Search limits') line = group.addLine('Resolution (A)', condition='not recalculate', help='The CTF model will be fit to regions ' 'of the amplitude spectrum corresponding ' 'to this range of resolution.') line.addParam('lowRes', params.FloatParam, default=30., label='Min') line.addParam('highRes', params.FloatParam, default=5., label='Max') line = group.addLine('Defocus search range (A)', condition='not recalculate', help='Select _minimum_ and _maximum_ values for ' 'defocus search range (in A). Underfocus' ' is represented by a positive number.') line.addParam('minDefocus', params.FloatParam, default=5000., label='Min') line.addParam('maxDefocus', params.FloatParam, default=50000., label='Max') group.addParam('stepDefocus', params.FloatParam, default=500., label='Defocus step (A)', help='Step size for the defocus search.') group.addParam('slowSearch', params.BooleanParam, default=False, expertLevel=params.LEVEL_ADVANCED, label="Slower, more exhaustive search?", help="Select this option if CTF determination " "fails on images that show clear Thon rings " "and should therefore yield good CTF parameters, " "or if you expect noticeably elliptical Thon " "rings and high noise.") group.addParam('fixAstig', params.BooleanParam, default=True, label='Restrain astigmatism?', expertLevel=params.LEVEL_ADVANCED, help='Should the amount of astigmatism be restrained ' 'during the parameter search and refinement? ' 'This option should be selected when astigmatism ' 'is expected to be small to produce more reliable ' 'fits. Disable this option if you expect ' 'large astigmatism.') group.addParam('astigmatism', params.FloatParam, default=100.0, condition='fixAstig', label='Tolerated astigmatism (A)', expertLevel=params.LEVEL_ADVANCED, help='When restraining astigmatism, astigmatism values ' 'much larger than this will be penalized. ' 'Set to negative to remove this restraint. ' 'In cases where the amplitude spectrum is ' 'very noisy, such a restraint can help ' 'achieve more accurate results.') form.addSection(label='Phase shift') form.addParam('findPhaseShift', params.BooleanParam, default=False, label="Find additional phase shift?", help='Was the data recorded using a phase plate ' 'with variable phase shift that must be ' 'determined together with the defocus ' 'parameters?') form.addParam('minPhaseShift', params.FloatParam, default=0., label="Minimum phase shift (deg)", condition='findPhaseShift', help='If finding an additional phase shift, ' 'this value sets the lower bound for the ' 'search.') form.addParam('maxPhaseShift', params.FloatParam, default=180, label="Maximum phase shift (deg)", condition='findPhaseShift', help='If finding an additional phase shift, ' 'this value sets the upper bound for the ' 'search.') form.addParam('stepPhaseShift', params.FloatParam, default=10, label="Phase shift search step (deg)", condition='findPhaseShift', help='If finding an additional phase shift, ' 'this value sets the step size for the ' 'search.') form.addParallelSection(threads=2, mpi=1)
[docs] def getCommand(self, **kwargs): """ :param kwargs: The input keywords argument should contain key-values for one micrograph or group of micrographs. :return: the program and arguments to be run """ paramDict = dict(self._params) paramDict.update(kwargs) return self._program, self._args % paramDict
[docs] def parseOutput(self, filename): """ Retrieve defocus U, V and angle from the output file of the program execution. :param filename: input file to parse :return: a tuple of CTF values """ return parseCtffind4Output(filename)
[docs] def parseOutputAsCtf(self, filename, psdFile=None): """ Parse the output file and build the CTFModel object with the values. :param filename: input file to parse :param psdFile: if defined, set PSD for the CTF model """ ctf = CTFModel() readCtfModel(ctf, filename) if psdFile: ctf.setPsdFile(psdFile) return ctf
def _getArgs(self, protocol): """ Update first the params dict. :param protocol: input protocol instance :return: args string and matching params dict """ paramDict = protocol.getCtfParamsDict() paramDict['step_focus'] = protocol.stepDefocus.get() paramDict['fixAstig'] = "yes" if protocol.fixAstig else "no" paramDict['astigmatism'] = protocol.astigmatism.get() paramDict['lowRes'] = protocol.lowRes.get() if paramDict['lowRes'] > 50: paramDict['lowRes'] = 50 paramDict['highRes'] = protocol.highRes.get() # defocus is in Angstroms now paramDict['minDefocus'] = protocol.minDefocus.get() paramDict['maxDefocus'] = protocol.maxDefocus.get() if self._findPhaseShift: paramDict['phaseShift'] = "yes" paramDict['minPhaseShift'] = deg2rad(protocol.minPhaseShift.get()) paramDict['maxPhaseShift'] = deg2rad(protocol.maxPhaseShift.get()) paramDict['stepPhaseShift'] = deg2rad(protocol.stepPhaseShift.get()) else: paramDict['phaseShift'] = "no" paramDict['slowSearch'] = "yes" if protocol.slowSearch else "no" args = """ << eof > %(ctffindOut)s %(micFn)s %(ctffindPSD)s %(samplingRate)f %(voltage)f %(sphericalAberration)f %(ampContrast)f %(windowSize)d %(lowRes)f %(highRes)f %(minDefocus)f %(maxDefocus)f %(step_focus)f no %(slowSearch)s %(fixAstig)s %(phaseShift)s no eof\n """ if protocol.usePowerSpectra: args = args.replace('<< eof > %(ctffindOut)s', '--amplitude-spectrum-input << eof > %(ctffindOut)s') args = args.replace('%(samplingRate)f', '%(powerSpectraPix)f') if protocol.fixAstig: args = args.replace('%(fixAstig)s', '%(fixAstig)s\n' '%(astigmatism)f') if self._findPhaseShift: args = args.replace('%(phaseShift)s', '%(phaseShift)s\n' '%(minPhaseShift)f\n' '%(maxPhaseShift)f\n' '%(stepPhaseShift)f') return args, paramDict