pkpd.protocols.protocol_pkpd_dissolution_deconvolve_Fourier module

class pkpd.protocols.protocol_pkpd_dissolution_deconvolve_Fourier.ProtPKPDDeconvolveFourier(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: pkpd.protocols.protocol_pkpd_ode_base.ProtPKPDODEBase

Deconvolve the drug dissolution from a compartmental model. It does the deconvolution in Fourier so that it only uses the impulse response of the compartmental model. This impulse response only depends on the distribution, metabolism and excretion (DME) part of the ADME properties, meaning that it overcomes the limitations of a poor modelling of the raise of the concentration. On the other side, it has the disadvantage of considering the noise as true fluctuations due to the absorption.

addSample(sampleName, t, y)[source]