emantomo.protocols.protocol_tomo_reconstruction module

class emantomo.protocols.protocol_tomo_reconstruction.EmanProtTomoReconstruction(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: pwem.protocols.protocol.EMProtocol, tomo.protocols.protocol_base.ProtTomoBase

This protocol wraps e2tomogram.py EMAN2 program.

Alignment of the tilt-series is performed iteratively in conjunction with tomogram reconstruction. Tomograms are not normally reconstructed at full resolution, generally limited to 1k x 1k or 2k x 2k, but the tilt-series are aligned at full resolution. For high resolution subtomogram averaging, the raw tilt-series data is used, based on coordinates from particle picking in the downsampled tomograms. On a typical workstation reconstruction takes about 4-5 minutes per tomogram.

choices = ['1k', '2k', '4k']