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# * Authors:     Pablo Conesa (
# *              J.M. De la Rosa Trevin (
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# * Unidad de Bioinformatica of Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia , CSIC
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# * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
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""" This module is for Actual wizards to be able to be discovered from the
Domain. is left for wizard models and base classes."""
import decimal
import os
import requests

import pyworkflow.object as pwobj
from pyworkflow.gui import dialog
import pyworkflow.wizard as pwizard
from pyworkflow.gui.tree import ListTreeProviderString

import pwem.convert as emconv

from pwem.wizards.wizard import EmWizard, FormulaDialog
import pwem.protocols as emprot
import pwem.objects as emobj

[docs]class ImportAcquisitionWizard(EmWizard): _targets = [(emprot.ProtImportImages, ['acquisitionWizard'])]
[docs] def show(self, form, *params): try: acquisitionInfo = form.protocol.loadAcquisitionInfo() if isinstance(acquisitionInfo, dict): # If acquisitionInfo is None means something is wrong. # Now, let's try to show a meaningful error message. self._setAcquisition(form, acquisitionInfo) else: # If not dict, it should be an error message dialog.showError("Input error", acquisitionInfo, form.root) except FileNotFoundError as e: dialog.showInfo("File not found", "Metadata file with acquisition not found.\n\n %s" % e, form.root)
@classmethod def _setAcquisition(cls, form, acquisitionInfo): """ Ask whether to set the AcquisitionInfo to the protocol parameters. Params: acquisitionInfo: Should be a dictionary with acquisition values. If None, show an error. """ msg = '' for k, v in acquisitionInfo.items(): msg += '%s = %s\n' % (k, v) msg += '\n*Do you want to use detected acquisition values?*' response = dialog.askYesNo("Import acquisition", msg, form.root) if response: prot = form.protocol comment = '' for k, v in acquisitionInfo.items(): if prot.hasAttribute(k): form.setVar(k, v) else: comment += "%s = %s\n" % (k, v) if comment: prot.setObjComment(comment)
[docs]class ImportCoordinatesBoxSizeWizard(pwizard.Wizard): _targets = [(emprot.ProtImportCoordinates, ['boxSize']), (emprot.ProtImportCoordinatesPairs, ['boxSize'])] @classmethod def _getBoxSize(cls, protocol): return protocol.getDefaultBoxSize()
[docs] @classmethod def show(cls, form, *params): form.setVar('boxSize', cls._getBoxSize(form.protocol))
[docs]class ImportOriginVolumeWizard(pwizard.Wizard): _targets = [(emprot.ProtImportVolumes, ['x', 'y', 'z'])]
[docs] def show(self, form, *params): protocol = form.protocol filesPath = protocol.filesPath.get() filesPattern = protocol.filesPattern.get() if filesPattern: fullPattern = os.path.join(filesPath, filesPattern) else: fullPattern = filesPath sampling = protocol.samplingRate.get() for fileName, fileId in protocol.iterFiles(): inputVol = emobj.Volume() inputVol.setFileName(fileName) if ((str(fullPattern)).endswith('mrc') or (str(fullPattern)).endswith('map')): ccp4header = emconv.Ccp4Header(fileName, readHeader=True) x, y, z = ccp4header.getOrigin(changeSign=True) # In Angstroms else: x, y, z = self._halfOriginCoordinates(inputVol, sampling) form.setVar('x', x) form.setVar('y', y) form.setVar('z', z)
@classmethod def _halfOriginCoordinates(cls, volume, sampling): xdim, ydim, zdim = volume.getDim() if zdim > 1: zdim = zdim / 2. x = xdim / 2. * sampling y = ydim / 2. * sampling z = zdim * sampling return x, y, z
[docs]class ChangeOriginSamplingWizard(pwizard.Wizard): _targets = [(emprot.ProtOrigSampling, ['x', 'y', 'z', 'samplingRate'])]
[docs] def show(self, form, *params): protocol = form.protocol vol = protocol.inVolume.get() fullPattern = vol.getFileName() sampling = vol.getSamplingRate() if ((str(fullPattern)).endswith('mrc') or (str(fullPattern)).endswith('map')): ccp4header = emconv.Ccp4Header(fullPattern, readHeader=True) x, y, z = ccp4header.getOrigin(changeSign=True) # In Angstroms else: x, y, z = \ ImportOriginVolumeWizard._halfOriginCoordinates(vol, sampling) form.setVar('x', round(x, 3)) form.setVar('y', round(y, 3)) form.setVar('z', round(z, 3)) form.setVar('samplingRate', round(sampling, 3))
[docs]class GetStructureChainsWizard(pwizard.Wizard): """Load an atomic structure, parse chain related information as name, number of residues, list of aminoacids (or other residues)""" _targets = [(emprot.ProtImportSequence, ['inputStructureChain']) # NOTE: be careful if you change this class since # chimera-wizard inherits from it. # (ChimeraModelFromTemplate, ['inputStructureChain']) # (atomstructutils, ['inputStructureChain']) ]
[docs] @classmethod def getModelsChainsStep(cls, protocol): """ Returns (1) list with the information {"model": %d, "chain": "%s", "residues": %d} (modelsLength) (2) list with residues, position and chain (modelsFirstResidue)""" structureHandler = emconv.AtomicStructHandler() fileName = "" if hasattr(protocol, 'pdbId'): if protocol.pdbId.get() is not None: pdbID = protocol.pdbId.get() url = "" URL = url + ("%s" % pdbID) try: response = requests.get(URL) except: raise Exception("Cannot connect to PDB server") if (response.status_code >= 400) and (response.status_code < 500): raise Exception("%s is a wrong PDB ID" % pdbID) fileName = structureHandler.readFromPDBDatabase( os.path.basename(pdbID), dir="/tmp/") else: fileName = protocol.pdbFile.get() else: if protocol.pdbFileToBeRefined.get() is not None: fileName = os.path.abspath(protocol.pdbFileToBeRefined.get( ).getFileName()) structureHandler.getStructure() # listOfChains, listOfResidues = structureHandler.getModelsChains() return structureHandler.getModelsChains()
[docs] def editionListOfChains(self, listOfChains): self.chainList = [] for model, chainDic in listOfChains.items(): for chainID, lenResidues in chainDic.items(): self.chainList.append( '{"model": %d, "chain": "%s", "residues": %d}' % (model, str(chainID), lenResidues))
[docs] def show(self, form, *params): protocol = form.protocol try: listOfChains, listOfResidues = self.getModelsChainsStep(protocol) except Exception as e: print("ERROR: ", e) return self.editionListOfChains(listOfChains) finalChainList = [] for i in self.chainList: finalChainList.append(pwobj.String(i)) provider = ListTreeProviderString(finalChainList) dlg = dialog.ListDialog(form.root, "Model chains", provider, "Select one of the chains (model, chain, " "number of chain residues)") form.setVar('inputStructureChain', dlg.values[0].get())
[docs]class PythonFormulaeWizard(pwizard.Wizard): """Assist in the creation of python formula to be evaluated. In Steps""" _targets = [(emprot.ProtSetFilter, ['formula'])]
[docs] def show(self, form, *params): d = FormulaDialog(form.root, form.protocol.inputSet.get(), formula=form.protocol.formula.get()) # If accepted if d.resultYes(): form.setVar('formula',d.getFormula())