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# * Unidad de  Bioinformatica of Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia , CSIC
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Define some classes to store Data points for clustering.

[docs]class Point: """ Return x, y 2d coordinates and some other properties such as weight and state. """ # Selection states DISCARDED = -1 NORMAL = 0 SELECTED = 1 def __init__(self, pointId, data, weight, state=0): self._id = pointId self._data = data self._weight = weight self._state = state self._container = None
[docs] def getId(self): return self._id
[docs] def getX(self): return self._data[self._container.XIND]
[docs] def setX(self, value): self._data[self._container.XIND] = value
[docs] def getY(self): return self._data[self._container.YIND]
[docs] def setY(self, value): self._data[self._container.YIND] = value
[docs] def getZ(self): return self._data[self._container.ZIND]
[docs] def setZ(self, value): self._data[self._container.ZIND] = value
[docs] def getWeight(self): return self._weight
[docs] def getState(self): return self._state
[docs] def setState(self, newState): self._state = newState
[docs] def eval(self, expression): localDict = {} for i, x in enumerate(self._data): localDict['x%d' % (i+1)] = x return eval(expression, {"__builtins__":None}, localDict)
[docs] def setSelected(self): self.setState(Point.SELECTED)
[docs] def isSelected(self): return self.getState()==Point.SELECTED
[docs] def setDiscarded(self): self.setState(Point.DISCARDED)
[docs] def isDiscarded(self): return self.getState()==Point.DISCARDED
[docs] def getData(self): return self._data
[docs]class Data(): """ Store data points. """ def __init__(self, **kwargs): # Indexes of data self._dim = kwargs.get('dim') # The points dimensions self.clear()
[docs] def addPoint(self, point, position=None): point._container = self if position is None: self._points.append(point) else: self._points.insert(position, point)
[docs] def getPoint(self, index): return self._points[index]
def __iter__(self): for point in self._points: if not point.isDiscarded(): yield point
[docs] def iterAll(self): """ Iterate over all points, including the discarded ones.""" return iter(self._points)
[docs] def getXData(self): return [p.getX() for p in self]
[docs] def getYData(self): return [p.getY() for p in self]
[docs] def getZData(self): return [p.getZ() for p in self]
[docs] def getWeights(self): return [p.getWeight() for p in self]
[docs] def getSize(self): return len(self._points)
[docs] def getSelectedSize(self): return len([p for p in self if p.isSelected()])
[docs] def getDiscardedSize(self): return len([p for p in self.iterAll() if p.isDiscarded()])
[docs] def clear(self): self.XIND = 0 self.YIND = 1 self.ZIND = 2 self._points = []
[docs]class PathData(Data): """ Just contains two list of x and y coordinates. """ def __init__(self, **kwargs): Data.__init__(self, **kwargs)
[docs] def splitLongestSegment(self): """ Split the longest segment by adding the midpoint. """ maxDist = 0 n = self.getSize() # Find the longest segment and its index for i in range(n-1): p1 = self.getPoint(i) x1, y1 = p1.getX(), p1.getY() p2 = self.getPoint(i+1) x2, y2 = p2.getX(), p2.getY() dist = (x1-x2)**2 + (y1-y2)**2 if dist > maxDist: maxDist = dist maxIndex = i+1 midX = (x1+x2)/2 midY = (y1+y2)/2 # Add a midpoint to it point = self.createEmptyPoint() point.setX(midX) point.setY(midY) self.addPoint(point, position=maxIndex)
[docs] def createEmptyPoint(self): data = [0.] * self._dim # create 0, 0...0 point point = Point(0, data, 0) point._container = self return point
[docs] def removeLastPoint(self): del self._points[-1]