Source code for chimera.protocols.protocol_restore

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# * Authors:     Marta Martinez (
# *              Roberto Marabini (
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# * Unidad de  Bioinformatica of Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia , CSIC
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# * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
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from pyworkflow.protocol.params import PointerParam, StringParam
import os
from pwem.viewers.viewer_chimera import sessionFile
from .protocol_base import ChimeraProtBase
from chimera import Plugin

from chimera.utils import getEnvDictionary

[docs]class ChimeraProtRestore(ChimeraProtBase): """This protocol opens Chimera and restores a session that has been stored each time a 3Dmap or an atomic structure by using `scipionwrite` or `scipionss` commad. Execute command *scipionwrite #n [prefix stringAddedToFilename] model refers to the pdb file""" # Execute command *scipionwrite [model #n] [refmodel #p] # [saverefmodel 0|1]* from command line in order to transfer fitted # pdb to scipion. Default values are model=#0, # refmodel =#1 and saverefmodel 0 (false). # model refers to the pdb file. refmodel to a 3Dmap""" _label = 'restore session' def _defineParams(self, form): form.addSection(label='Input') form.addParam('inputProtocol', PointerParam, label="Input protocols", important=True, pointerClass='ChimeraProtOperate, ' 'ChimeraProtRigidFit, ' 'ChimeraModelFromTemplate', help="protocol to be reloaded") form.addParam('extraCommands', StringParam, default='', condition='False', label='Extra commands for chimera viewer', help="Add extra commands in cmd file. Use for testing") form.addSection(label='Help') form.addLine('''Execute command *scipionwrite [model #n] [refmodel #p] [saverefmodel 0|1]* from command line in order to transfer structures and 3D map volumes to SCIPION. In the particular case in which you have only a volume and a structure, default values are model #2, refmodel #1 and saverefmodel 0 (false). Model refers to the PDBx/mmCIF file, refmodel to a 3D map volume. If you have several structures and no volumes, you can save all of them by executing commands *scipionwrite [model #1]*, *scipionwrite [model #2]*, *scipionwrite [model #3]*, and so on.''') # --------------------------- INSERT steps functions --------------------
[docs] def prerequisitesStep(self): """ """ self.parentProt = self.inputProtocol.get() self.parentProt.setProject(self.getProject()) # I do not really # understand this line if hasattr(self, 'inputVolume') and \ self.inputVolume is not None: self.inputVolume = self.parentProt.inputVolume if hasattr(self, 'pdbFileToBeRefined') and \ self.pdbFileToBeRefined is not None: self.pdbFileToBeRefined = self.parentProt.pdbFileToBeRefined if hasattr(self, 'inputPdbFiles') and \ self.inputPdbFiles is not None: self.inputPdbFiles = self.parentProt.inputPdbFiles
[docs] def runChimeraStep(self): # create CMD file parentSessionFileName = self.parentProt._getExtraPath(sessionFile) # if len(self.extraCommands.get()) > 2: # f.write(self.extraCommands.get()) # args = " --nogui --cmd " + self._getTmpPath( # chimeraScriptFileName) # run in the background cwd = os.path.abspath(self._getExtraPath()) Plugin.runChimeraProgram(Plugin.getProgram(), os.path.abspath(parentSessionFileName), cwd=cwd, extraEnv=getEnvDictionary(self))
def _validate(self): errors = super(ChimeraProtRestore, self)._validate() parentProt = self.inputProtocol.get() parentProt.setProject(self.getProject()) # I do not really understand # this line sessionFileName = parentProt._getExtraPath(sessionFile) # Check exists if not os.path.exists(sessionFileName): errors.append("Error: No session saved by protocol: %s\n" % parentProt.getObjLabel()) return errors