scipion.scripts.kickoff module

Creates a scipion workflow file (json formatted) base on a template. The template may have some ~placeholders~ that will be overwritten with values Template may look like this, separator is “~” and within it you can define: ~title|value|type~ Template string sits at the end of the file ready for a running streaming demo.

class scipion.scripts.kickoff.KickoffView(parent, windows, template=None, argsList=[], showScheduleOption=True, schedule=True, showProjectOption=True, showProject=True, showProjectName=True, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: tkinter.Frame

class scipion.scripts.kickoff.KickoffWindow(template, argsList, showScheduleOption, schedule, showProjectOption, showProject, showProjectName)[source]

Bases: pyworkflow.gui.project.base.ProjectBaseWindow

Windows to manage all projects.

switchView(newView, **kwargs)[source]
scipion.scripts.kickoff.assignAllParams(argsList, template)[source]

Assign CML params to the template, if missing params after assignment return False

scipion.scripts.kickoff.chooseTemplate(templates, parentWindow=None)[source]
scipion.scripts.kickoff.createProjectFromWorkflow(workflow, projectName, argsList)[source]
scipion.scripts.kickoff.flag2Value(argsList, flag)[source]
scipion.scripts.kickoff.getFlagArg(argsList, flag)[source]

Checks if a flag exists (True) or not (False)


Get a template or templates either from arguments or from the templates directory. If more than one template is found or passed, a dialog is raised to choose one.

scipion.scripts.kickoff.importTemplate(template, window)[source]

Import a resolved template


Checks if project GUI has to be launched. Only if –noGUI param is found in the argument List it will return False

scipion.scripts.kickoff.launchTemplate(argsList, template)[source]

Launches a resolved template


Resolves command line arguments for scipion template

scipion.scripts.kickoff.resolveTemplate(template, argsList, showScheduleOption=True, schedule=True, showProjectOption=True, showProject=True, showProjectName=True)[source]

Resolve a template assigning CML params to the template. if not enough, a window will pop pup to ask for missing ones only